The left continues to threaten and sometimes follow through with their threats…You really can’t make this stuff up! A woman was angry at police and angry that Donald Trump is president so she tried to run over a state trooper!

A Harwinton, Connecticut  woman was arrested on Thursday and faced a judge on Friday for intentionally trying to run over a state trooper. 

The woman’s bond was set at $150,000. If she makes bond, a judge said she’s been ordered not to drive.

The judge also ordered a mental evaluation.

A trooper was directing traffic around tree trimming utility work on Route 69 in Burlington just before 3 p.m.

The trooper was in the process of moving from one utility pole to the next when a dark-colored Subaru wagon heading south intentionally veered into the northbound lane and toward the trooper.

The trooper was able to maneuver out of the Subaru’s path.

As Pierce passed, state police she yelled something from her driver’s side window and shook a fist at the trooper.

She then went back into the southbound lane and almost collided with two tree service trucks.

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Pierce continued to irately drive south on Route 69 toward Bristol.

The trooper pursued her and stopped her on the Burlington-Bristol line.

When the trooper asked her if she veered over on purpose, she said she was angry with police.

Troopers said Pierce continued to emotionally ramble for several minutes about how she has been victimized over her lifetime. She said that police were being murdered because they were abusing rights.

She also said she was angry that Donald Trump is the president.

Pierce was taken into custody and charged with criminal attempt at second-degree assault with a motor vehicle, first-degree reckless endangerment, reckless driving and failure to drive in a proper lane in a construction zone.

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