Kurt Eichenwald, a senior writer for Newsweek who is known for his irrational vitriol against anyone who holds an opposing political view on social media, tweeted: “As one w/preexisting condition, I hope every GOPr who voted 4 Trumpcare sees a family member get long term condition, lose insurance and die.”  

“When they go low…we go high” -Former First Lady Michelle Obama explaining how Democrats take the high road

Here’s Newsweek’s senior writer, Kurt Eichenwald taking the “high” road with the disgusting tweet. Eichenwald deleted the tweet as soon as it made the news. Unfortunately for Mr. Eichenwald, screen shots never go away :

After Eichenwald was “outed” by Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller, he asked his followers on Twitter to join in to bully him. When they go low

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He didn’t stop there however, the unhinged Eichenwald kept ranting. He went on to suggest that people should start dropping dead bodies off at FOX News:

His tweets keep getting more and more insane, like this one where he suggests Republican want to kill Americans for tax cuts:

Or this one where Eichenwald says Evangelicals who have insurance are “Satan”:

Eichenwald doubles down on his visceral hate for anyone who holds an opposing view with this vile tweet, where he confirms to everyone who follows him or reads his tweets that liberalism is indeed, a mental disorder:

Eichenwald issued a statement in response to the Daily Caller article. It can be found here.


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