Pro-Trump supporters, who apparently had a permit to show their support for Trump’s stance on immigration were met with some angry pro-illegal alien agitators. Kudos to the police officers who did exactly what they should have when the pro-illegal alien agitators appeared to be getting ready to commit an act of violence against the Trump supporters. 

The video begins with a clearly agitated pro-illegal alien female approaching Trump supporters. After a few of the agitators who were part of her group began to act in a hostile and threatening manner, police officers stepped in to form a barrier between the groups. The human barrier they formed was clearly not okay with the agitators who were looking to use physical force to shut up and shut down their opponents. Shortly after the police officer explained that the Trump supporters had a permit (which means nothing to people who have no regard for the law and are actually protesting on behalf of lawbreakers), another man who appears to be Hispanic, wearing a hoodie began to aggressively approach the crowd. We’re not sure if these people were being paid to threaten the pro-Trump supporters or if they just happened to be angry supporters of illegal aliens, and were in the area.

The Hispanic man on the pro-Trump side in the background, who was holding a “Deport Illegals” sign can be heard telling the pro-illegal agitators that he’s “a legal American citizen” and he stands by President Trump. He hilariously follows up his comment with, “Homies for Trump.” The same man can be seen last night at a pro-Trump rally on Hollywood Blvd. prior to the Oscar Award ceremony in the video below where things did actually get violent and one obnoxious anti-Trump agitator got a surprise right hook from a pro-Trump woman after she was assaulted.


Watch the video of the chaos that took place last night on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles just prior to the Oscar Award ceremony. The legal Hispanic American seen in the video above is also present at this rally:

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