While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex pushes the Green New Deal, Seth Barron says her district is full of people who are not American citizens. If she’s so worried about the environment, maybe she should start by cleaning up her own district.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Seth Barron who said that AOC’s district is dirty.

The reason it’s so. dirty is that it’s “one of the least American districts in the country … it is occupied by relatively few American citizens”

Barron was immediately attacked for his comments about non-citizens living in AOC’s district, but he backed it up with the tweet below, referencing his source. He also further explained that there are many living in basements because there isn’t affordable housing in the area. The landlords don’t want all the trash that so many extra people produce, so they drop it somewhere else.

Barron talks about how the illegal food vendors pour grease into the street/sewers, and then he makes the understatement of the year:

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“I worked out there…it can be a little gross”

This is disturbing and Seth Barron took heat for saying it.

He tweeted out his source:

The Census showed Barron there is a large population of non-citizens living in AOC’s district.


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