Anti-Semitism is on the rise in America. It’s being fueled by people like Democrat lawmakers US Representatives like Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rashida Tlaib (MI), who don’t even try to hide their disdain for Jewish people.

The anti-Semite Abbas Hamideh, with ties to terrorist groups, was a special guest of U.S. Congresswoman Rashida-Tlaib at her swearing-in ceremony.

Hamideh led a protest outside the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, where protesters compared Israel supporters to Nazis in a demonstration organized by Al-Awda, an anti-Israel group with connections to several Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Across the United States, college students are joining forces with Democrat leaders to side with the Iran-funded, Hamas-led Palestinians, and condemn Israel in their most recent violent conflict.

Some cases of discrimination or anti-Semitism are clear cut, as in the case with Democrat lawmakers Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, while others are not so clear cut. Such is the case of 7 high school football coaches in Canton, OH, who’ve been fired for allegedly forcing a Jewish athlete to eat a pepperoni pizza.

While Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to censure Omar for her repeated anti-Semitic remarks, 7 coaches have been fired for an incident many of the football players on the team are saying has been misrepresented.

The Daily Mail is reporting that 7 high school football coaches in Canton, OH have been fired for allegedly forcing a Jewish student to eat pork.

Head football coach Marcus Wattley and several assistant coaches at McKinley Senior High School in Canton, Ohio, were placed on leave last week after they reportedly forced the 17-year-old to eat a pepperoni pizza as punishment.

The coaches forced the player to eat the pork on May 24 after he missed a voluntary workout due to injury.

The Canton Repository reports- Board President John Rinaldi said they launched an immediate investigation into the allegations.

‘The investigation found that the identified coaches engaged in actions that constituted inappropriate, demeaning, and divisive behavior in a misguided attempt to instill discipline in the student-athletes. This behavior will not be tolerated,’ Talbert said.

The Canton Schools Superintendent Jeff Talbert said surveillance video gave administrators the information they needed to warrant their recommendations to the board. He again declined to provide details of what happened that day and said the video would not be publicly released due to federal student privacy regulations.

Coach Wattley’s attorney Peter Pattakos called the decision to fire the coaches, “rushed.”

A football player’s family has accused Wattley and his assistant coaches of forcing the player to consume an entire pepperoni pizza against his Hebrew Israelite religious beliefs as punishment for missing a voluntary May 20 strengthening and conditioning workout. The Canton Repository has agreed to not name the 17-year-old player, who has received interest from Division I colleges.

But attorney Peter Pattakos, who was retained by Wattley on Thursday, said Thursday that version of events is exaggerated and parts of it are false. His statements were supported by five McKinley football players who attended the school board meeting in support of their eight coaches.

Attorney Peter Pattakos

According to Pattakos and the students, the player had the ability to leave at any time and Wattley had offered the player chicken nuggets instead of the pizza after the player said he didn’t eat pork. They said the player chose to take off the pepperoni and eat it.

The students said the player has since apologized to them and to the coaches.

Pattakos blamed an assistant coach, whom he did not name, for inflaming the situation by reporting an exaggerated version to administrators and the player’s family. Pattakos said he believes the assistant coach wanted Wattley’s job.

He blamed the district for conducting a “rushed and incomplete” investigation, noting that Wattley was interviewed for only 18 minutes and that only three of the 40 players present were interviewed.

“This community deserves a full and thorough investigation and it’s obvious that this hasn’t happened,” said Pattakos, as he pointed to the players.

Calling Wattley a “rising star,” Pattakos said Wattley is heartbroken to be away from his team but he believes he did nothing wrong.

“There was no intent (to cause harm),” Pattakos said. “He was doing his best to teach an extraordinary athlete an important lesson.”

After the board’s vote, Pattakos yelled to the superintendent and the board, “This was a bad decision. It was rushed. You did not serve the community.”

Is this a case of discrimination against a Jewish athlete, or is it a case where the coaches were not allowed to fairly represent what really happened, and as a result, their football coaching careers are now over?

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