Can you believe it? Women in Saudi Arabia were just allowed to vote! Can you also believe that Saudi Arabia is head of the human rights council at the United Nations even though this barbaric place is one of the biggest human rights offenders around? Yes, the beheadings this year are in record numbers for this barbaric Middle Eastern country. We recently posted rare footage of a tour bus catching a public execution on the side of the road.

Oh, the amazing thing is that Saudi Arabia has accepted ZERO refugees except guest workers. They have a tent city set up for millions (yes, millions) but refuse to let the refugees into their country. Human rights my ass!

For the first time in history, women in Saudi Arabia on Saturday participated alongside men in the municipal election – a big step towards gender equality in a severely restricted Saudi society. Though a local level election, the polls are seen as a positive step towards women empowerment and many are optimistic that their voices will finally begin to be heard in government.

Here are 7 things that women in Saudi Arabia still can’t do:

1. Go anywhere without a male guardian.

Saudi women must accompany a male relative, known as a ‘mahram’, whenever they venture out of the house. Mahram accompanies the women at all times, including for shopping trips and visits to the doctor.

2. Drive a car.

Although there is no official law that bans women from driving, the country’s deeply held religious beliefs prohibit it, with some clerics argue that female drivers “undermine social values.”

3. Wear clothes that show off their body

Saudi women’s dress code is governed by a strict interpretation of Islamic law. Women must wear a long black cloak and a head scarf. Religious police would stop them if they expose too much flesh or wear too much makeup.

4. Interact with men

Saudi women are expected to limit their interactions with men other than their family members or relatives. The majority of public buildings including offices, banks and universities have separate entrances for men and women. Public transportation, parks, beaches and amusement parks are also segregated in most parts of the country. Unlawful mixing will lead to criminal charges.

5. Go for a swim

Saudi women are not expected to swim in public swimming pools or used by male members.

6. Compete in sports

Women athletes are looked down upon by the conservative Saudi society. It’s generally hard for women to compete freely in sports. Though they are allowed to participate, they had to be accompanied by a male guardian and wear a “Sharia-compliant” sports kit that covered their hair.

7. Try on clothes when shopping

Saudi women are not expected to try on clothes while shopping. Doing so, may attract punishment.

Via: Zee News India

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