Update: Ten people are dead, including one police officer, after a gunman opened fire at Boulder, Colorado supermarket King Soopers.

Lawofficer.com reports that Boulder police tweeted around 2:30 local time that they were responding to a report of an “active shooter”:

If there had been an armed citizen in the store, lives could have possibly been saved. As it was, people were sitting ducks when the man opened fire.

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One eyewitness said the shooter didn’t say anything: “He didn’t say s–t. He just came in and started shooting.” Several reports said the shooter wore tactical gear.

Police were seen escorting a shirtless, bloodied man in handcuffs away from the store and into an ambulance, but it was not clear if he was a suspect or a victim.

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The graphic live stream also showed several people lying on the ground outside the store, and shots could be heard in the background at one point.

The man who recorded the live stream spoke with reporters:

A grandfather told CBS News that his son-in-law and granddaughters were in the store when the shots broke out and that they hid inside a closet: “They walked into the pharmacy for him to get a COVID-19 shot and the shooter came in, shot the woman in front of them. They hid, ran upstairs… They were hiding in a coat closet for the last hour.” he said the police officers came through the roof and rescued them.

Boulder officials held a press conference where they did not give a motive for the shooting and did not confirm reports of six people dead:


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