Ed Calderon is a legal immigrant to America who has seen it all regarding the border. He was a police officer in Tijuana, Mexico, for twelve years and fought the smugglers and cartels.

His interview with Shawn Ryan is chilling. Calderon talks about how it was like a beacon went off when Biden came into office. The illegals knew it was their chance to cross and make it to America. He goes on to discuss how sex trafficking and drugs are a booming business right now.

Calderon considers the cartels a terrorist organization that overran the government in Mexico. He says the US needs to recognize right now that Mexico is a “failed state” that doesn’t have control of its border. Transnational cartels are “here” in the US targeting cities to distribute drugs to the streets.

Ultimately, Calderon says it’s up to the American people to demand accountability from the government. He says Americans should ask where funds for the “drug war” at the border are REALLY going. With Biden also robbing money from the US Healthcare fund to use to take care of illegals, it’s time to make the feds accountable for where that money goes too.

A little information on Calderon from Coffee or DieEd Calderon worked as a police officer in Tijuana for over a decade, fighting against cartels, kidnappers, coyotes, and organized crime. Day after day, he analyzed the tradecraft used by criminals to scam, capture, or kill. He watched cartel kidnappers looking to capture suspected snitches; their victims later strung up to be interrogated and tortured to death. Of particular interest to Calderon were techniques used to evade capture or escape from restraints. He captured all those techniques in a small book he carried. He joked to his colleagues that it was Ed’s Manifesto. Today, the lessons he learned while watching cartels have made him one of the most sought-after instructors in the field of counter-custody and improvised weapons, all built on that little book.

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Biden and his supporters paint a picture of poor migrants who just want to flee for a better life, but there is a huge risk to Americans and a huge cost.

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