Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s campaign is beginning to remind us of Hillary in her 2016 campaign against Donald J. Trump. Like Hillary, clips of Biden bumbling and stumbling through townhalls and TV appearances have been played over and over again on multiple news outlets and all over social media.

Tonight, Biden gave his supporters a new reason to question his fitness to become the next president. During a CNN town hall focusing on climate change, Biden’s left eye began to pool up with blood.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Biden has suffered many different health issues over the years including an aneurysm that burst which required surgery.

Just a few months later Biden had a second aneurysm clipped before it burst and as the Washington Examiner points out, Biden has not publicly disclosed a medical report on his health since 2008.

Here’s the video showing Biden’s eye filling up with blood.

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Voters were very concerned when Hillary appeared to be hiding some serious health issues during her campaign against Trump. Medical professionals suggested Hillary was suffering from an early onset of Parkinson’s Disease. Of course, Crooked Hillary and her dishonest campaign kept her health issues under wraps.


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