“Crude” pipe bombs were sent to several key Democrats and CNN today. While President Trump and many Republicans denounced it, the left jumped all over the “bomb” story on social media with ZERO evidence it is someone on the right who was behind it.

The effort to blame President Trump also took on new life with #MAGABomber trending as #1 on Twitter. Why would Twitter allow a false news tweet to trend?  This feeds the division that’s being stoked on the left and NOT on the right. The left continues to blame President Trump for their call to “get in the face” of Republicans. The very people who are blaming President Trump are the ones who called for “uncivil” action…Hello Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and others who have called for uncivil behavior! It’s not the Republicans who have been violent!


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The truth is that Republicans and Trump supporters have been dealing with violence from the left since the 2016 elections!


Conservatives were quick to denounce the person who sent the packages and then to ask Twitter to stop the trending hashtag.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, Rep. Steve Scalise, Melania Trump, and others all denounced the packages sent to Democrats so why is #MAGABomber trending on Twitter? We want answers!

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