In what can only be described as a massive propaganda attempt on Americans to divide us, the Sharia-compliant nation of Qatar is pushing far-left positions on Americans via viral videos that if their own citizens acted upon, would land them in jail, or worse.

The Daily Caller reports – The ultra-conservative, Sharia-law nation of Qatar is funding a propaganda channel similar to BuzzFeed and gets liberal millennials to echo anti-American content.

AJ+, or Al Jazeera Plus, frequently uses its platform as one of the largest viral video makers on Facebook to criticize America as homophobic, racist, anti-worker, plagued with violence and repressive to women.

Yet Qatar, the Middle Eastern nation that bankrolls AJ+, is legitimately oppressive with laws prohibiting homosexuality and abortions. It also uses slaves and is highly restrictive about who can and can’t enter and leave the country.

Here are some examples of the videos made by AJ+ that we’ve all seen circulating on social media, particularly on leftist Facebook pages and far-left Twitter accounts.

Even though slavery is still a thing in Qatar, they promote Black Lives Matter in America:

AJ+ promotes the unequal treatment of minorities in America and points out the number of people who’ve been locked up without being found guilty of a crime.

That’s quite a charge to make against America, considering in 2016, Qatar imprisoned a Dutch woman who was raped during her time in their Sharia Law nation.

According to CNN– A Dutch woman who has been in jail in Qatar since mid-March after she reported being raped, has been found guilty of “illicit consensual fornication” and being “drunk in a public place.

According to Brian Lokollo, a lawyer who was hired by the woman’s family, Laura was at a hotel bar having drinks with a friend in the Qatari capital, but then had a drink that made her feel “very unwell.”
She reportedly woke up in an unfamiliar location and realized “to her great horror” that she had been raped after her drink was spiked, Lokollo said.
When she reported the rape to the police, she herself was imprisoned.
AJ+ also reports on the injustices foreigners are facing as they wait on our southern border, as they wait to get their a free pass into America, as a reward for skipping the proper citizenship channels, other foreigners are forced to abide by.

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And then there’s the plight of the American teenager whose fighting for abortion rights and climate change. These two issues are not likely at the top of the oil-rich Qatar’s list of things worth fighting for.

Perhaps the government and the far-left media, who’s spent the last two-and-a-half years complaining about how Russia influenced American voters with propaganda, should take a closer look at how Sharia Law nations like Qatar, are pushing positions they themselves would never adopt on American citizens.

What do you think about Qatar pushing these leftist issues on social media, while staying quiet about who’s actually behind the viral videos and articles?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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