Documentary filmmaker, Ami Horowitz hits the streets of Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Somali immigrant and Democrat U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district of Minneapolis Minnesota. Horowitz points out that Omar’s district is known for the export of terrorists who go overseas to fight for terror organizations ISIS and Al-Shabatt. It’s been reported that dozens of young Muslims have been recruited and gone to fight with terror groups from this community.

Horowitz engages a number of Somali Muslims in conversation, as he tries to discover how interested these Somali Muslims are in assimilating with American culture and American law. He asks them how easy it is to be a Muslim in American. The Muslims who are being interviewed cite rights like free speech as reasons they like living in the United States.

Every Muslim immigrant Horowitz speaks with says being a Muslim in American is easy. Things get interesting when Horowitz asks the Muslims he speaks with if they prefer Sharia law or American law. Across the board, they all prefer Sharia law over American law.

Horowitz also asks how the Muslim immigrants he’s questioning feel about the prophet Mohammed being mocked in cartoons. He asked the Muslims if they felt a law should be made to prevent Americans from insulting the prophet Mohammed? Every Muslim immigrant answered, “yes.” The real shocker came when Horowitz asked if someone who mocks the prophet, Mohammed, should they be killed? Again, they all answered, “yes.”

Finally, when Horowitz asked the Muslim immigrants if they would prefer to live in America or a Muslim majority nation, every person he interviewed claimed they would rather live in a Muslim majority nation.

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It’s easy to see after watching this video, why the radical Muslim, and anti-Semite refugee from Somalia, Democrat Ilhan Omar was elected as their U.S. Congresswoman.

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What do you think? Should American taxpayers be forced to support immigrants who would rather be living in the country they immigrated from because there are more people there who practice the same religion?

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