Earlier this week, “The View’s”  top bully Whoopi Goldberg ripped into her co-host for suggesting it wasn’t okay for a woman to follow Democrat Senator Kristin Sinema (AZ) into the bathroom at a public restaurant. She was referring to an incident last week when a leftist freak tried to intimidate the US Senator into changing her vote on the Socialist $3.5 Trillion  “infrastructure” New Green Deal bill by chasing her into the bathroom.

Whoopi Goldberg ripped into her.

“If it’s something someone wants, they find the money,” the angry host explained, as she tried to convince her leftist audience that this is the only chance Democrats have to pass the Socialist bill the majority of Americans oppose. Whoopi then explained how it’s okay to chase a United States Senator into the bathroom because she’s not doing what “we elected her to do.”

Would it be okay with Whoopi if people chase her into a public bathroom for making ignorant comments on The View?


Today, Ann Corcoran unintentionally gave Whoopi a taste of what it feels like to be humiliated on The View.

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During a discussion about a jean product, The View hags talked about with three Shark Tank hosts, Whoopi asked if they had a pair of jeans that would fit her COVID butt—implying that her butt was too big to fit into the jeans. Shark Tank host Ann Corcoran quickly snapped back, “And when you get finished with those jeans and decide you don’t like them, give them to me, and I’m going to make two pairs of them.” Shark Tank co-host Mark Cuban, laughed and Daymond John quickly grabbed his cup of coffee and held it up to his face.

Without missing a beat, fellow female The View sniper Ana Navarro shot back, telling Corcoran that one of their co-hosts and Jill Biden have already worn the same dress she’s wearing on tv.


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