I’m not sure it’s for a lack of courage that Obama’s not being honest with the black community – Obama’s not looking at the facts because he benefits from this politically. The entire BLM movement is built on lies and he knows it. As long as he stirs up unrest and discord within our Nation, he’s winning. He knows that and it’s only going to get worse because Obama’s Purple Army (SEIU) is all in with thousands upon thousands of paid protesters.


The float pictured above is SEIU and Black Lives Matter-isn’t it nice how they’ll come together to fight nothing? The protesters know that he’s behind them so they are fearless in their push for anarchy and lawlessness.
Sheriff Clarke is correct that Obama has no courage but the reason for his lack of truth telling to the black community is political: “Well, there is no way to understand this nonsense… The claim made by President Obama that “this is not based on emotion, it’s real,” is just plain wrong. These claims are based on fiction. Once you strip away the myths, the lie, the propaganda all that remains is the facts. Lies put out and repeated over and over again by the President of the United States are not a substitute for empirical research… The President of the United States lacks the courage to look at the black community and tell them to look in the mirror as the source of their problems.”

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