On Friday, James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, attempted to convince Americans that former President Barack Obama had “no knowledge” of an FBI informant in the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

“I am sure President Obama had no knowledge whatsoever of an informant,” Clapper said, adding that the FBI has many informants who play various roles within the department “who provide very valuable information and do so in a legitimate way.”

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for President George W. Bush, asked on Fox News, “What role did Barack Obama have, did he know that the FBI was keeping informants there, and I’ll guarantee the answer is yes.” He continued to say that the FBI must have gone through the White House first before putting an FBI informant in a presidential campaign. –Daily Caller

On Tuesday, Clapper appeared on The View, where he was treated like royalty by the Trump hating panel.

Real Clear Politics – While discussing the Trump campaign surveillance scandal in an appearance on Tuesday’s The View, Clapper used the word spy. Clapper said the spy was there for Russian meddling purposes and that Trump should be happy such a person existed.

Clapper also claimed Trump should be happy the FBI was spying on him.

President Trump has claimed for months now that his campaign for president was surveilled. Many did not take him seriously, however, last night law professor Jonathan Turley said he was right.

“With the informant business, well, the point here is the Russians,” Clapper said. “Not spying on the campaign but what are the Russians doing? And in a sense, unfortunately, what they were trying to do is protect our political system and protect the campaign.”

“But the FBI started to look into Trump’s ties to Russia in the summer of 2016. Trump tweeted that this spring — this spying, rather, this spying that he claims is spying, other people say it’s a whistleblower or informant. He says it’s spying, it’s bigger than Watergate. So I ask you, was the FBI spying on Trump’s campaign?” Co-host Joy Behar asked.

“No, they were not,” Clapper answered. “They were spying on, a term I don’t particularly like, but on what the Russians were doing. Trying to understand were the Russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage or influence which is what they do.”

“Well, why doesn’t like that? He should be happy,” Behar said.

“He should be,” Clapper responded.

“Right,” Behar said.



Conservative former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, who is never one to hold back on his opinion, had plenty to say about Clapper’s attempt to convince Americans that former President Barack Obama had no knowledge of the spy that was planted in his campaign.

Clarke tweeted:

Clapper is a straight up LIAR. He’s been caught at it before. Does anybody think he’d say Obama knew even if Obama did know? And Obama DID know. Clapper: ‘Obama Had No Knowledge’ Of FBI Informant In The Trump Campaign

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