Two law enforcement officials from the Utah resort area of Park City drew cheers from a large crowd with their promises not to let officers help federal immigration officials apprehend people living in the U.S. without proper documents.

Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez and Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter told about 300 people Thursday in Summitville that they won’t agree to deputize officers to carry out federal operations, the Deseret News reported.

Carpenter said he was assured the arrests were not part of a sweep of undocumented immigrants, but an effort by federal agents to arrest “specified individuals” with felony criminal histories or who have re-entered the United States illegally after being deported.

Martinez and Carpenter referred to a federal immigration law that provides for state employees or agencies to help in “the investigation, apprehension, or detention of aliens in the United States.”

“I will not be doing that as a sheriff,” Martinez said to loud applause. “This is a federal immigration issue, and therefore I will not be participating in that (and be) deputized.” – Idaho State Journal

Judge Jeanine breaks down what it means for a law enforcement officer to defy their oath of office and to instead, take their marching orders from the left:

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If you’re a cop working in a sanctuary jurisdiction, then you’re being directed by left-wing liberal progressive mayors and governors to protect illegal criminals, who not only violated our laws in coming here, but in addition, committed crimes while here. Your’e being told not to share information about illegal criminals and not honor federal ICE detainers. So, you’ve got a decision to make and if this is a tough one for you, and if you can’t figure out what your sworn obligation is…then get the HELL out of law enforcement! 

“Why would you treat an illegal criminal different than an American criminal? Hell..maybe law abiding states should clear out their prisons and send their own criminals to sanctuary states, since their open to taking other countries criminals. The least they can do is take ours. Can’t you see you’re being used in a political tug-of-war?” If this is a tough one for you, and you’re going to start listening to the ACLU or some liberal mayor who doesn’t give a damn about you, your contract, or your oath;  directing that you release the wanted criminal out the side door, then maybe you should re-think this whole thing and go into social work…You’re too damn dumb to be in law enforcement!”  

“Every one of you in law enforcement who bought into this liberal nonsense has blood on their hands. If you release the criminal, you guarantee a fellow officer or agent will be in harms way when they go out to find that criminal!”


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