The mainstream media has been working hard to assure all of us that the bridge disaster in Baltimore was just an accident.

Maybe dirty fuel was to blame? That makes sense.

Or maybe there was something else going on.

We may never know. According to a recent report, 2 minutes are missing from the black box data on the ship that slammed into the bridge.

Whenever a tragedy like this happens, and the public is presented with “nothing to see” here reports within hours of it occurring, that’s a sure sign that something is off.

There is also the fact that the story continues to change regarding what evidence the feds are looking into.

Here is a timeline of the events that led up to the crash as reported by The Independent:

At 12.39am, the Dali container ship departed from Baltimores’s Seagirt Marine Terminal.

Thirty minutes later, at 1.07am, the vessel entered Fort McHenry Channel.

Numerous alarms were recorded on the ship’s bridge audio at 1.24am. Around the same time, the voyage data recorder (VDR) stopped recording the vessel’s system data, but was able to continue taping audio from an alternative power source.

Two minutes later at 1.26am, the VDR resumed recording the Dali’s system data and captured steering commands and orders about its rudder.

No big deal, right? Just stopped recording for two minutes. What could possibly go wrong in two minutes?

Well, something went wrong. And those two minutes of missing data right before the crash may have been able to provide the answers.

Now we may never know.

But the feds are all over figuring this out, rest assured.

CNN has more on the tragedy in Baltimore:

“Just minutes before (hitting) the bridge, there was a total blackout on the ship, meaning that the ship lost engine power and electrical power. It was a complete blackout,” said Clay Diamond, executive director and general counsel of the American Pilots Association.

The pilot then did “everything that he could have done” to slow the ship down and keep it from veering toward the bridge pillar, Diamond said.

Moments before the disaster, video footage shows the lights on the vessel flickering off and on – likely due to an emergency generator activating after the initial blackout, Diamond said. But the ship’s engines never turned on again.

Instead of crossing under the center of the bridge, where the clearance was highest, the ship drifted to the right and crashed into a pillar.

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