This family got more than they bargained for when, during a fishing excursion off the coast of Everglades City, one of the fishermen in the group snagged a shark on their line…

FOX News reports – There’s a reason goliath groupers are called the garbage disposals of the sea — they eat everything in sight, including sharks apparently.

A group of fishermen were able to witness a 500-pound grouper’s “rare” meal during a fishing trip off the coast of Everglades City, Florida, last week.

Captain Jimmy Wheeler with Everglades Fishing Company watched as someone in his group caught a 3-foot shark. As the fisherman started reeling the creature in, a large shadow appeared. Wheeler instantly knew what was going to happen next.

“Watch this. You guys are going to freak out,” Wheeler warned.

The best part of the video comes at the end, when one of the kids in the boat can be heard saying in an excited voice, “What a fight!”



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