A woman was shocked to discover just how much data Amazon had collected about her.

The popular social media star who often makes videos about data privacy and tech released a video saying she requested Amazon’s data and was shocked to know thousands of clips exist in a file.

“When I downloaded the ZIP file, these are all the folders it came with.”

There were over 3K short audio clips and a contacts file from her phone. The one thing that was really disturbing to the Tik Tok user was her location in the file.

“I’m not totally comfortable with everything they have.”


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In full disclosure, she revealed that she has three Amazon smart speakers. Two are Amazon Dot speakers, and one is an Echo device. Her home also contains smart bulbs.

The New York Post reports that Amazon responded by saying:

“We give customers transparency and control over their Alexa experience. Customers can easily review and delete their voice recordings or choose not to have them saved at all, at any time. Customers can import their mobile phone contacts to the Alexa app so they can use features like hands-free calling and messaging; this optional feature, which customers need to set up, can be disabled at any time. Finally, you can grant permissions for the Alexa app to use certain data, such as your mobile device’s geolocation, to provide relevant results (e.g., weather, traffic, restaurant recommendations), and you can manage these permissions in the app.“

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