Who doesn’t want to sit down and chat with the very funny comedian and actor Bill Murray? He’s hysterical! Bill Murray is rarely one to keep quiet about his opinions. Bill might be in trouble with Hollywood after this interview because he supports Trump’s tax cuts and calls out the democrats on their divisive politics. We love it!

In a recent sit down with CNBC’s Squawk Box, the actor warned that political discourse had degenerated into a ‘Clash of Clans everyday, first thing in the morning.’

‘People are going to war about so much,’ he warned.

The Daily Mail reported:

 He added that Democrats could often create division by striving to represent certain groups or minorities, rather than simply saying they represented Americans.

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‘My friend who’s a great comedy writer, Jim Downey, he’s accused of being a right-wing comedy writer, if there is such a thing,’ Murray said. ‘He says, “No, I just think the way the Democrats handle things is poor, where they try to pick out little pieces of a population, oh well we represent the Hispanics, we represent the LGBT or something.”



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