UPDATE: Hollywood is full of this sort of thing so we shouldn’t be shocked but…

TMZ just outed the son of Drew Carey as the brat who made a mini-bonfire and said, “screw our president” to a FOX News reporter on live TV. Connor Carey was on the street – where the heck were his parents?


This has to be the interview of the week… A young boy was with protesters and lit a fire in the street during the DC Deploraball Inaugural event on Thursday night. The boy was interviewed by a FOX News reporter (video below) who was shocked to hear “Scr*w our President!” from the young boy. Bad parenting! Where are his parents?
Next, Just listen to Lacy – She has NO clue why she’s there! Unreal!


Immediately after this happened, Charles Krauthammer came on and destroyed the left!

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