The effort to indoctrinate school children in the West is in a full court press. We just reported on a 5 minute film being shown in a New Jersey school will instructions on Islam throughout. It’s a propaganda piece that’s disturbing to anyone sending their kids to public school.
A public school in Onatrio, Canada is coming under fire because they secretly agreed with the Muslim community to allow prayers in school. Concerned parents are finally asking questions. The school and law enforcement are asking for any video taken of the Friday prayers to be handed over.
Canada is fast becoming an Islamic State and they’re right at our border. Their prime minister is a mini-Merkel with his acceptance of any and all so-called refugees from the Middle East. The hijrah or mass migration of Muslims is a calling for them. They are doing a great job of migrating using the refugee resettlement program. America needs to take notes on this and halt the refugee resettlement program NOW! It’s being used as a Trojan Horse by the Muslims.

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