Why worry about hackers? We have a former Secretary of State who jeopardized our national security when she put super classified information on her private server. We have a corrupt Commander In Chief and now we have one of the highest ranking Naval officers in the U.S. selling classified secrets for sex. 

A Navy commander accused of diverting ships to Asian ports for a Malaysian contractor offering prostitution services and other gifts pleaded guilty to bribery charges Thursday.

Michael Misiewicz is one of the highest ranking Naval officials to be charged in the massive scandal, which is centered on businessman Leonard Francis, nicknamed ‘Fat Leonard.’


Francis has admitted to providing an exhaustive list of gifts in exchange for classified information that helped his company Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd. overbill the Navy by at least $20 million.

He used the bribes to obtain information that helped him beat out the competition and get Navy captains to steer ships to Pacific ports where he overcharged the Navy, prosecutors said.


Prosecutors say Francis asked captains to re-route ships to ports he owned or to small ports where they could impose fake port fees on the Navy.

Misiewicz pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to commit bribery and bribery of a public official at a hearing in federal court in San Diego.

He accepted theater tickets, prostitution services and other items, according to the criminal complaint.

He faces up to 20 years in prison if sentenced to the maximum amount for both charges.

Misiewicz’s defense lawyers said in a statement that he regrets his actions from 2011 to 2012.

They went on to say that they plan to show at his sentencing hearing this was an ‘extreme departure from his otherwise distinguished and honorable 30 plus year career.’

Misiewicz made international headlines in 2010 after an emotional return as a US Naval commander to his native Cambodia, where he had been rescued as a child from the violence of the Khmer Rouge and adopted by an American woman.

His sentencing hearing is set for April 29. Francis is awaiting sentencing. Via: UK Daily Mail


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