A New Mexico State Police trooper pulled over a vehicle he noticed driving erratically on I-40 in New Mexico. Once he pulled over the vehicle, he discovered 41-year-old Jeremy Guthrie driving with his pants unzipped and six underage boys and girls inside his vehicle.

An NCIC inquiry of Mr. Guthrie’s criminal history indicated he had a prior DWI making this his 2nd offense.

When Sergeant LaFave approached the vehicle, he noticed it was packed with children. He asked the driver the age of the girl in the front seat. The driver responded that she was 18 years old. The quick-thinking trooper responded by telling him that there is “no way she was 18 years old” and proceeded to ask the young girl her age. She refused to respond.

The 41-year-old driver initially tells Sergeant LaFave that he hasn’t had anything to drink, but later in the video, the sergeant can be heard telling one of the parents that he saved the lives of the children because the driver is “extremely intoxicated.”

Underage children are interrogated while Guthrie is performing sobriety tests

When the New Mexico State Police trooper asked Guthrie who the kids were in his vehicle, he responded, “They’re just my friends.” The trooper approached the children in the vehicle and asked them their ages; when they refused to tell him how old they were, he threatened to take them to a juvenile detention center unless they call each one of their parents. The video shows the trooper speaking with several individuals on the phone as he attempted to get their parents to drive to the scene to pick up their minor children.

During the arrest, the police officer found a knife in the pocket of Guthrie’s jeans.

According to the Daily Mail, Guthrie’s July 5, 2022 arrest was just the beginning of his troubles. He was charged with DWI, having an open container, and six counts of child abuse.

Following the arrest, a more complex situation emerged, and Guthrie was charged with raping a 13-year-old girl and her twin sister for more than a year – and getting one of them pregnant.

Guthrie reportedly met the girls on social media and communicated with them through Snapchat and Instagram.

Jeremy Guthrie

The drunk driver who lied about not drinking is also suspected of raping at least one other girl, as reported by the Albuquerque Journal.

The teens were returned to their homes the night of Guthrie’s arrest before a woman called police to report that Guthrie had been raping her granddaughter. One of the sisters allegedly said Guthrie had been raping her regularly ‘over a lengthy time span’ and had told she and her twin sister he loved them.

He was later charged with raping one of the teens in the vehicle.

Watch the video here:

After Guthrie’s arrest, the twins’ grandmother claimed he was still contacting the girls behind bars. The texts can be seen here:

The description under the YouTube video reads:

Report from Trooper Alexander Apodaca, edited for brevity:


“On July 25, 2022, at 12:54 AM, I, Trooper Alexander Apodaca, assisted Sgt LaFave with a traffic stop located on the I25 Northbound Offramp to Comanche Road. Sgt LaFave indicated he stopped the vehicle for failure to maintain lanes and failure to signal. We approached the vehicle that was occupied by the driver, as well as 6 minors over the age of 13 and under 18. Sgt LaFave instructed the male to exit the vehicle, where I identified him as Mr Jeremy Guthrie.

Mr. Guthrie stood in the front of Sgt Lafave’s patrol vehicle. Sgt Lafave started to speak with Mr. Guthrie. While Mr. Guthrie spoke, we could smell a strong odor of intoxicating alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath. Mr. Guthrie had slurred speech which sounded as if he was having trouble annunciating his words. Upon closer observation, I observed Mr. Guthrie’s eyes to be bloodshot and watery.

I asked Mr. Guthrie where he was coming from. Mr. Guthrie said he was coming from home. I asked Mr. Guthrie where he was headed. Mr. Guthrie said he was going to pick someone up. I asked Mr. Guthrie what his final destination was. Mr. Guthrie said home. I asked Mr. Guthrie where he lived. Mr. Guthrie said he lived in the north valley. I asked Mr. Guthrie when the last time he had consumed an alcoholic beverage. Mr. Guthrie said approximately 3 hours prior. I asked Mr. Guthrie what he had consumed. Mr. Guthrie said he had consumed 3 “Sol” beers. I asked Mr. Guthrie about the size of the beers. Mr. Guthrie said the beers were 12 ounces each. I asked Mr. Guthrie if he would be willing to perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Mr. Guthrie said yes. I had Mr. Guthrie walk to my patrol vehicle.

I asked Mr. Guthrie if he had any traumatic brain injuries. He said maybe. I asked Mr Guthrie if he had any problems walking, balancing or turning. He said maybe. I asked if he wore any glasses or contacts. He said no. I asked if he had resting Nystagmus. He said he did not know.

The tests were explained and demonstrated to Mr Guthrie. It was asked if Mr Guthrie understood the instructions given and Mr. Guthrie stated he did. He started at one-thousand-two. Put foot down at his one-thousand-four count and restarted the count. Put his foot down the 2nd time at his one-thousand-eleven count. Stopped the test early, did not complete last 12 seconds of test. Due to the slight slope, the possibility of a traumatic brain injury, and the possibility of having problems walking, turning, or balancing, I administered 2 alternative tests: Mr. Guthrie stated he had a college degree. Mr. Guthrie stated he knew the alphabet and knew how to count to 100. H to S test: The first time I offered the test Mr. Guthrie said he did not understand the test and wanted an example. I offered for him to try the test once more. He said H and took a large pause approximately 20 seconds. He said, “I don’t like that one.” Mr. Guthrie then did the test without errors.

I determined Mr. Guthrie was at or above the limit or impaired to the slightest degree and placed Mr. Guthrie under arrest for DWI of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs at approximately 1:25 a.m. Mr Guthrie was handcuffed behind the back and the handcuffs were double locked. I read Mr. Guthrie the New Mexico Implied Consent Advisory. I asked Mr. Guthrie if he would provide a breath sample. Mr. Guthrie said yes. Mr. Guthrie did not request any additional tests. I checked Mr Guthrie’s mouth for any foreign substances and there was none. I noted the deprivation period at 1:29 pm. Sgt Lafave indicated that there were 2 open containers of alcoholic beverages with the contents partially missing.

Mr. Guthrie was transported to the NMSP office in Albuquerque. Once inside the office, I placed Mr. Guthrie in the test room. The IR-8000 was allowed to run its diagnostic testing. After a 20-minute period of not being able to eat or drink any substances, I asked Mr. Guthrie to blow into the device. I explained that the device was the breath test. Mr. Guthrie said he did not want to take the test. Mr. Guthrie debated back and forth about submitting to the test. I advised Mr. Guthrie of the New Mexico Implied Consent Advisory and read the warnings. Mr. Guthrie took large pauses to respond to my questions when asked if he would like to take the test. The test eventually timed out. No sample was introduced.”

An NCIC inquiry of Mr. Guthrie’s criminal history indicated he had a prior DWI making this his 2nd offense. Mr. Guthrie was booked into the MDC on the below charges.

6x Abuse of a Child
Aggravated DWI
Refusal to Submit to a Test
Open Container
Failure to Signal
Failure to Maintain Lanes

If convicted on all charges, he faces a minimum of 19 years in prison and additional fines.

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