If you haven’t seen this, it’s a perfect example of zero parenting. The kids are so out of control!

“As a black man, I’m embarrassed for my people.”

That was the reaction when three teens turned a Broward County, Florida courtroom into a circus Tuesday when they were arraigned after a police chase involving stolen automobiles.

Three 15-year-old male suspects were facing a variety of charges including burglary, grand theft auto and fleeing and eluding police, stemming from a joyriding incident the night before that led police on a chase throughout the county.

When the judge ordered suspected driver Maurice Thomas to spend the following 21 days in detention, Thomas became upset, prompting friends and family members to act out in various ways, according to WSVN Channel 7 News, which reported:

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The ruling did not go over well with his friends and family. 7 News cameras captured a young woman dancing while another lashed out at a guard with obscenities. Meanwhile, suspect Dontavious Butler flashed two rows of gold teeth for the camera.
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