So much for tolerance and diversity…

How would you describe an industry in which the number of blacks employed has now dropped to 1968 levels?


Think about it. In 1968 democrats were still fighting to keep blacks from being equal to whites. Actually the number of blacks employed in this industry is worse than in 1968 when you take their percentage of the overall population into account. In 1968 blacks accounted for 10.9% of the population. Today they constitute 13.2% of the population. So, what industry is the most rife with racism? The media.

Is this just too delicious for words or what? The same media who inflate and lie about news stories in order to inject racism into the mix, themselves are the biggest racists in America. Today, only 4.78% of all newsroom employees are black. In 1968 there were less than 5% employed in the newsroom. So basically the same percentage despite the fact that there are many more blacks today that in 1968.

Take a look at this White House press conference and tell me how many blacks you see:



This is typical of liberals, “Do as I say and not as I do.” Alex T. Williams of the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) breaks down the numbers for al minorities:

“The percentage of minorities employed in daily newspapers (the ASNE looks at black, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, and multiracial populations) has increased from 3.95 percent in 1978, when the ASNE began conducting the census, to 13.34 percent in 2014. The Radio Television Digital News Association estimates that in 2014, minorities made up 13 percent of journalists in radio and 22.4 percent of journalists in television.”

“Still, these figures are a far cry from the 37.4 percent of Americans that are minorities.”


It’s not a matter of blacks not wanting to be newsroom workers. To the contrary, there are plenty of black college graduates who majored in journalism. It’s just that the media won’t hire them. More from Williams of CJR:

“Here, I found an alarming trend. Comparing the 2013 job placement rates, graduating minorities that specialized in print were 17 percentage points less likely to find a full-time job than non-minorities; minorities specializing in broadcasting were 17 percentage points less likely to find a full-time job; and minorities specializing in public relations were 25 percentage points less likely to find a full-time job. In contrast, minorities specializing in advertising were only 2 percentage points less likely to find a full-time job than their white counterparts.” Via: PC Graveyard

Sorry friends, the media may suffer from an inability to tell the truth, but these facts don’t lie…

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