Dennis Michael Lynch has made some shocking and eye-opening movies that address our failure as a nation to secure our borders. “They Come To America III: The Cost Of Obama’s Legacy is his most compelling and shocking movie to date. There are some terrifying moments when Dennis goes to, and exposes Muslim training camps in America. He travels to both our southern and northern US borders to show just how easily they can be crossed by anyone who cares to cross over into the United States. His interviews with an undercover US Border Agent is shocking, and exposes the cover-ups and lies we are being fed by our government about our border crisis.

WATCH this shocking trailer, as it shows how vulnerable our nation is to terror attacks from the north:

They Come To America III is frightening and should be showing in movie theaters across America. If every Americans saw this movie, they would be screaming from their rooftops and demanding that Congress get our borders under control.

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Here is a very interesting interview with Dennis Michael Lynch on Fox and Friends, as they discuss how Dennis exposes how easily Muslim terrorists can make their way into our nation in his “They Come To America III” movie:

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