According to internal government estimates reported by CNN, the U.S. is expected to see two million migrants arriving at the border this year. It is also predicted that the border crisis will continue to get worse in the coming months, with an anticipated number of 26,000 unaccompanied children in September.

While Biden insists that fluctuations in migration levels are common, it has been five years since even 1 million migrants traveled to the border seeking to cross to the US. Biden continues to downplay the situation at the border, refusing to call it a ‘crisis’. This is not without the help of the Liberal media who purposefully ignores the ‘kids in cages’ which Trump was so heavily criticized for.

The reason this is not hypocrisy? One argument is that Trump put kids in cells separate from their parents, thus making his actions worthy of an onslaught of media attacks. However, as evidenced by photographs and videos, children are still being kept separate from their parents, or worse yet have been smuggled to the border by kidnappers (incentivized by Biden’s policies) who have stolen them from their parents.

The below images show the current situation (left) and the situation under the Trump administration (right). Both images appear to depict identical situations, the only real difference being that there is a pandemic going on right now and there is an inability to practice proper social distancing.

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While these events are happening under different circumstances, they’re not so different that there is a justified explanation as to why Biden’s actions are unworthy of media critique. There is little reason why the media should withhold blame from the Biden administration as it was his pro-immigration rhetoric and hasty rollback of Trump’s immigration policies that created this crisis in the first place.


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