On Friday, 168 RNC Committee members and state GOP chairs will cast a secret ballot in California to elect the next RNC Chair. The current RNC Chair, Ronna Romney-McDaniel, is in the fight of her political life as she attempts to hold onto her seat. At the same time, two popular conservative challengers, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and Attorney Harmeet Dhillon appear to be giving the big-spending RNC Chair a run for her money.

Harmeet Dhillon, Ronna Romney McDaniel and Mike Lindell

How did Ronna Romney-McDaniels become the RNC Chair in the first place?

On the eve of the November 2016 election, an official with MI GOP, under the direction of MI GOP Chair Ronna Romney-McDaniel, placed a critical phone call to MI GOP grassroots leader Marian Sheridan of the MI Conservative Coalition. As Romney-McDaniel (she had not yet dropped Romney from her name) made her way to Trump’s final campaign rally of the season in Grand Rapids, MI, where she was set to be featured speaker, her office was frantically looking for election day poll challengers. The call from Romney-McDaniel’s office was urgent—she needed Marian Sheridan to find as many volunteers as possible to watch votes being processed at the TCF Center in less than 24 hours. The truth is, the Romney-McDaniels, the leader of the MI GOP, had dropped the ball and didn’t have a single Republican poll challenger scheduled to work on election day in Wayne County, a Democrat stronghold and the largest ballot-counting facility in Michigan.

Marian Sheridan, who worked harder than any other Republican in Michigan to help secure votes for Donald Trump, was also on her way to Trump’s final rally, but Sheridan had to cancel her plans so she could stay back and do the work Ronna Romney- McDaniel should have done months ago. Incredibly, Sheridan was able to secure over 25 volunteers who each agreed, on short notice, to spend over 12 hours at the TCF Center in Detroit the following day–making Romney-McDaniel look like a hero.

Marian Sheridan –  MI GOP Grassroots Vice-Chair, MI Trump Republicans leader and co-founder of the MI Conservative Coalition

Trump ultimately won the state of Michigan, and although the women and men at the Michigan Conservative Coalition did more than anyone else in the state of Michigan to secure his win, Ronna Romney-McDaniel was rewarded with a role as the RNC Chair.

On November 6,  2020, McDaniels stood in front of the media and bravely proclaimed that the Republican Party would fight to make sure the elections were free and fair, telling them, “Every candidate in every office from President down to the local level has the legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots.” She added, “We intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law, that observers are granted the access they are due under state law, and that any irregularities that occurred, whether by malicious intent or incompetence, are fully investigated to the fullest extent allowed under the law.”

Romney-McDaniels told them, “We will not give up on this process until every last issue has been resolved.”


She cited a number of shocking incidents reported to them by poll watchers, including threatening and intimidating behavior by election workers.


Curiously, after Joe Biden’s inauguration, the RNC Chair, who President Trump gave a second term, suddenly expressed regret for her decision to stand up for the millions of Americans who believe massive voter fraud took place in the November 2020 election.

In an interview with The Hill, Romney-McDaniel explained that she regrets letting former President Trump’s lawyers, namely Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, spread unproven claims about the 2020 election from the organization’s headquarters.

Speaking with The New York Times, McDaniel indicated she thought it had been a mistake to allow Giuliani and Powell to make the claims about election rigging days after the vote at the RNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“When I saw some of the things Sidney was saying, without proof, I certainly was concerned it was happening in my building,” McDaniel told the newspaper. “There are a whole host of issues we had to deal with — what is the liability of the RNC if these allegations are made and unfounded?”

Now, after two disastrous elections under her belt, Michigan Republican delegates say they want the former MI GOP Chair to be replaced as RNC Chair.

On Tuesday, an overwhelming 92% of Michigan Republican Delegates responded to a poll shared by Michigan Conservative Coalition (MCC) that asked who they would support for RNC Chair.

Here are the results of the poll from the elected Republican delegates in Ronna’s home state of Michigan:

Who do YOU support for RNC Chair?

Ronna McDaniel 3%
Harmeet Dillion 53%
Mike Lindell 44%

Dr. Rob Steele and Kathy Berden are the two RNC Committee members elected by the MI GOP Delegates, who will cast their votes for the next RNC Chair on Friday.  The other person casting his vote is billionaire MI GOP Chair Ron Weiser, who insiders say will likely support Ronna. Weiser is near the end of his term and has no concern about how the Delegates want him to vote. Steele and Berden, however, will need the support of the MI GOP Delegates, who are responsible for electing the next RNC Committee members.

Dr. Rob Steele, Ronna Romney-McDaniel, and Kathy Berden

We spoke with Dr. Rob Steele to ask who he planned to support for RNC Chair. He refused to say who he would support but did sing the praises of Ronna. We also reached out to Kathy Berden, who did not return our message.

In April 2019, Berden shared photos and talked about an allegedly all-expenses paid trip to Taiwan that was reportedly paid for by the RNC. RNC Committee Chairwoman Kathy Berden, along with other RNC Committee members and RNC officials, including RNC Co-Chairman Tommy Hicks, visited several touristy spots and also visited with Taiwanese officials.

From Kathy Berden’s Facebook page

Where does the money come from for these elaborate trips? Could it be the money comes from donations meant to help Republicans win critical seats or from donations intended to be used to help fight voter fraud?

From Berden’s Facebook page: A luxurious dinner at the Regent Taipei awaits the RNC Delegation

According to MyNorthwest– At least three top Trump lieutenants — senior advisers Susie Wiles, Chris LaCivita, and Clayton Henson — are planning to attend this week’s three-day RNC winter meeting in Southern California, where the vote will play out.

Susie Wiles is a big fan girl of Ronna Romney-McDaniels. Could Wiles’s love for the big-spending RNC Chair have anything to do with a little $285K payment from the RNC to her after Wiles committed to helping Trump win again in 2024 while promising not to take a penny for her services?

From the Contra.substack– Right Coast Strategies, a consulting firm led by senior Donald Trump advisor Susie Wiles, has been paid $285,000 by the Republican National Committee since last summer, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Wiles is currently leading an effort by the former president’s camp to retain Ronna McDaniel as RNC chair, even as his base revolts…


A second survey question asked who Michigan Delegates would elect as RNC Chair if they could vote. The voters unanimously agree that the vote should be public. I spoke with Mike Lindell yesterday, who told me that Ronna would like the vote to be public so she could pull favors from RNC committee members who vote for someone other than her.

The RNC needs a strong leader who has a keen business sense and can maximize the donations given to the RNC and to direct the funds where Republicans want them, not for elaborate overseas vacations or the kind of 5-star lifestyle Ronna Romney-McDaniels has become accustomed to since taking the helm at the RNC.

Harmeet Dhillon is great, and Fox News loves to promote her as the next RNC Chair, but we believe Mike Lindell is best suited to become the next RNC Chair.

Mike Lindell has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a tough-minded businessman who knows how to run a very successful business despite almost every imaginable obstacle that’s been thrown in front of him.

Mike Lindell with MI RNC Committee Chairwoman Kathy Berden

Mike Lindell is the only RNC Chair candidate with a business background. For being one of the busiest men in America, Mike is always accessible and already has an incredible grasp of how money is being wasted at the RNC. I spoke with the My Pillow CEO last week, and during our conversation, he promised he would cut the “unnecessary middle-man” out of future fundraising efforts for the RNC and would know where every penny is being spent. Like President Trump did while in office, Mike also refuses to take a salary as RNC Chair. Unlike the current RNC Chair, election integrity will be a top priority if Mike is elected. For the majority of Republicans, this is a top priority. If the national, state, and local Republican parties don’t figure out how to protect and safeguard our elections, there will no longer be a need for a Republican Party.

Here is a small snippet of the video Mike sent to the voting members of the Republican Party who will decide who will be the next RNC Chair:


Michigan is not the only state to reject Ronna Romney-McDaniels’ bid to remain the RNC chair.

From Yahoo News- A growing Sunbelt uprising among GOP activists at the state and local level has emerged as a threat — or at least a noisy nuisance — to Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s bid for another term.

From Arizona to Florida, state parties are passing or considering votes of no confidence in McDaniel, demanding new leadership after three disappointing elections.

The latest signs of rebellion are in the Deep South, in Alabama and Louisiana. State parties there rebuked McDaniel this week after rank-and-file Republicans made their displeasure known. Roger Villere Jr., an RNC member from Louisiana who supports McDaniel rival Harmeet Dhillon for chair, confirmed Tuesday that his state party approved an anti-McDaniel resolution at his urging on Saturday.

“The grassroots is firmly supporting a change,” Villere said. “Every vote, every call, every day, I hear from people who want someone other than Ronna. … We’ve had three cycles where we’ve underachieved significantly, and it’s just time.”

Contact your state’s RNC Committee members and let them know who you support as the next RNC Chair.


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