There are no surprises with the results on the Republican side tonight. Michigan and Mississippi went for Trump.

BUT…the Democrat results coming in tonight are surprising for many reasons. The most shocking is that Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in Michigan by a little over 3%:

Clinton has maintained a double-digit lead in nearly all polls of Michigan, the party’s second-biggest state in terms of delegates to vote so far. But Sanders has visited the state repeatedly in recent weeks, believing its economically hard-hit areas should be receptive to his message of combating economic inequality. If he can pull out a surprise victory, his campaign team believes, it will quiet the naysayers questioning his viability after Clinton’s sweeping wins in last week’s Super Tuesday contests. It would also allow him to argue that he’s a truly national candidate, while most of Clinton’s big victory’s have been in the south.

Another shocking item is that exit polls in Michigan said 60% of Democrats believe Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy…Wow! That’s a crazy exit poll!

Michigan Presidential Primaries Results

Overall Michigan Presidential Primaries Results
36.7% Reporting
B. Sanders 51.7% 217,424
H. Clinton 46.5% 195,306 10

36.3% Reporting
Winner D. Trump 37.2% 200,388
J. Kasich 25.6% 137,866
T. Cruz 23.6% 127,403
M. Rubio 9.1% 48,905


One of the inside baseball items that’s interesting is that we’re hearing many Democrats in Michigan crossed over to vote for Kasich to try and defeat Trump. Interesting because Hillary is losing to Bernie right now. Could those crossover votes been the demise of Hillary in Michigan?

DETROIT — Hillary Clinton swept to a widely-expected early victory in Mississippi on Tuesday, but all eyes were on Michigan as polls started to close there at 8 p.m. and Bernie Sanders jumped to a small early lead.

The Vermont senator — whose campaign has long seen Michigan as a strategically important state — held a tight margin over the former secretary of state, but very few results were in from Wayne County, the home of Detroit, where Clinton is likely to perform well.
Clinton’s victory in Mississippi, a heavily African-American southern state, was called as soon as polls closed, following the pattern set by her easy wins across the south starting with South Carolina in February. Bernie Sanders barely competed in Mississippi, choosing to focus on the other state voting on Tuesday.

Neither Clinton nor Sanders were in Michigan Tuesday night, but their absence doesn’t imply indifference. Both candidates have campaigned hard in the state — Sanders for the chance to gain ground on the former secretary of state, and Clinton to close the door on his candidacy with a win in a competitive, delegate-rich state.

Initial exit polling in Michigan showed just over three-fifths of Democratic voters believed both candidates’ policies are about right on the ideological scale, according to ABC News. About 60 percent of voters said Clinton was honest and trustworthy, versus about 80 percent who said the same of Sanders. And around 60 percent said honesty or empathy was the most important attribute for a candidate — slightly more than the four-in-10 who said electability or experience was most important.

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