More troubling details continue to be released about Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.  Already, Republicans sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee have revealed her record of giving light sentences to people who watch and distribute child pornography.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to vote against her confirmation after she refused to oppose court-packing. Senator Marsha Blackburn revealed that Jackson couldn’t even define what a woman is.

Now, it’s been revealed that Jackson is soft on child rapists as well.  On Saturday, the New York Post told that Jackson gave a sentence far below what prosecutors recommended for a child rapist that violated his probation.  Prosecutors recommended that Leo Weeks get at least two years, the lowest sentence recommended by federal guidelines, and Jackson only gave him one year.  After he was released, he attempted to sexually assault his sister-in-law.

The New York Post Reports


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“Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson doled out a lenient sentence to a child rapist for violating probation — and he allegedly struck again during the time when prosecutors wanted him locked up, The Post has learned.

The Biden nominee’s handling of sex offender Leo Weekes’ case emerged in a tranche of court filings and transcripts sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday — just days before the panel is set to vote on whether to report her nomination to the full Senate.

While Republicans have previously highlighted Jackson’s practice of giving the lightest possible punishments in child pornography cases, the Weekes case throws into question her treatment of rapists, as well.

“This case is yet another example of information coming to light after the nomination hearing concluded because of the Democrats’ rushed vetting process,” a Republican Judiciary Committee aide told The Post Saturday.”

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