In defiance of traditional Catholic values, CommonSpirit Health, the most extensive Catholic health system in the country, has allegedly provided funding and performed transgender surgeries and other “gender-affirming” medical treatments, according to a Catholic research and education group.

The Lepanto Institute issued a 64-page exposé, revealing that the Catholic Hospital system was performing surgeries that were at odds with the doctrine of the Church. Lepanto Founder and President Michael Hichborn’s documentation labeled “CommonSpirit and the Sex-Change Industry” explains the connections within the Catholic health network and its direct ties to the Vatican. The exposes uncovered information showing that the Catholic entity has funded transgender surgeries and therapies and prescribed patients cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers. An accompanying promo video states:

“The transgender craze has seized the world by the throat and is choking the life out of the bedrock of civilization: the family. And this is happening right under the nose of the Vatican.”

Hichborn said he is saddened by what he has uncovered. According to the Epoch Times, he wants those who claim to be Catholics to line up with the Churches teachings,

“to make sure that Catholics are Catholics and that those who operate in the name of the Catholic Church do so in line with all of her teachings.”

Hichborn noted that the health system also covers sex change operations and other trans surgeries in its employee benefits package.


“In addition to performing sex-change operations, CommonSpirit provides employee benefits that cover sex-change operations, transgender hormone treatments, and even puberty blockers for kids,” according to the report.

The report claims that the church has rejected transgenderism, homosexuality, abortions, and contraception, yet all of these are being promoted at the health system’s medical facilities in opposition to Catholic values. Hichborn also noted that the hospital system is directly answerable to the Vatican. CommonSpirit Health benefits from being part of the Catholic Church through its religious tax exemptions and is a subsidiary of the Catholic Healthcare Federation.

According to the Lepanto report the hospital system has been bold enough to list that it performs transgender surgeries in it’s offerings,

“Included in the list of surgical procedures provided by CommonSpirit’s Saint Francis Memorial Hospital are facial and body reconstructive surgeries to make the individual appear to be more masculine or feminine, genital reconstruction procedures, vocal alteration surgeries, and a host of other abominations.”


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