A heroic restaurant owner who jammed the door of a bar shut to keep out a London Bridge attacker was captured on heart-stopping CCTV. Sergio Farina clung onto the door of his busy bar, Arthur Hooper’s, as a terrorist tried to force his way in, intent on stabbing terrified diners in Borough Market.
The footage shows people piling into the bar before Sergio shuts the door, trying to keep everyone safe on Saturday night.

As an attacker tried to make his way in, the brave Spanish man used the force of his body to keep him out and protect the 28 people inside.

Can you imagine what YOU would do if this happened to you? We’re very lucky we have the right to bear arms here in America.

There are many stories of heroic people who blocked doors or helped strangers injured by the terrorists. It’s what good people do…Bravo!

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