Feeling a little safer knowing how well our border fence is working to keep undesirables out? I wonder if ISIS members know how to climb?

illegal gang

While Bernie Sanders and other leftist Presidential hopefuls are focused on stealing money from hard working Americans to give to entitled voters and ringing phony climate change alarms, some of the most violent people in the world are freely crossing our borders.

A video shows how Drug smugglers scale border fences and continue to bring drugs across into the U.S. with little trouble. This disputes the many claims made by top officials within the Department of Homeland Security that the border is as safe it has ever been.

As can be seen in this video published in the Facebook page of the Mexican radio outlet Borderlinea.com.mx, two drug smugglers carrying what appear to be large marijuana bundles were able to climb over the border fence and get away.

Breitbart Texas consulted with law enforcement officials who confirmed that the video was taken at the border fence just south of Nogales Arizona which borders the Mexican city by the same name. The city is located in the Mexican state of Sonora.

The two men climbing the fence resonates with the message delivered by presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. The 2016 Republican presidential hopeful visited Arizona. He said the fence in those areas would not keep him out, Breitbart News reported.

While the drug traffickers were able to climb the fence with little to no trouble, just East and West of their location are multiple areas where useless border fences stand about three feet tall.

Via: Breitbart


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