Seattle citizen Richard Schwartz tries to speak to the Seattle City Council and it’s brutal. The disregard for what this man has to say is horrific.

Schwartz asks for the attention of the City Council but they weren’t having it. You get two minutes and that’s it…no more, no less.

This is “sad commentary” according to Schwartz and we couldn’t agree more with him. What has our nation come to when those who are elected to serve us treat us like dirt. This man deserved so much better.

The man just asked for the same attention that the City Council gave to a public commenter prior to Schwartz appearing before the Council.

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FYI the City Council President Debora Juarez is a Latina/Native American lawyer. FYI she had a DUI charge in 2013.

Maybe this viral video will accomplish more than it was ever intended to. Respect of citizens by the people who voted for them needs to come back.

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