On Monday, Michigan overreaching governor, Gretchen Whitmer, revealed her plan for a 28-day extension of her emergency declaration, which currently expires on May 15th.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said her emergency powers do not require a vote of the Legislature. However, she is still asking for that body to approve a 28-day extension of her emergency declaration.

As of Tuesday night, there was no consensus, but the Republican leadership and the governor said talks are ongoing.

Both the House and the Senate are in discussions today about how they plan to handle Whitmer’s latest extension. Protests against the governor’s lockdown orders were scheduled for today by the Michigan United for Liberty group.

A stunning video was taken by a Michigan United for Liberty member, Audra Johnson of a fellow activist, Wendy Darling, who was being dragged from her seat by two male House sergeants wearing red jackets, from the public viewing gallery above the legislative chambers, where Senate members were caucusing below.



Conservative activist Wendy Darling was sitting in the public gallery watching the MI State Senators who were caucusing below her when security officers wearing red jackets approached her and asked her to leave. Darling immediately shared her press pass with them and explained that she has a First Amendment Right to be there. A black male wearing a red jacket, who is later identified as “Chief of the House Police,” David Dickson, ignored Darling’s press credentials and approached Darling.  “Let’s go,” Dickson told her. Darling replied, “Nope—you’re not Capitol Police.” Dixon, who was wearing a face mask, reached over and grabbed Darling by both arms and proceeded to drag her from her seat. Darling refused to leave and resisted his attempts to drag her from her seat. Darling repeatedly screamed at Dickson, “You are not allowed to touch me!” as he ignored her, yanking her even harder. Two more Capitol workers in red jackets joined Dickson, who was by now, kicking and screaming. The other male security officer grabbed Darling, as the two men attempted to yank her from her seat. The female House sergeant stood by and watched.

When a Michigan State Police officer entered the room, the video being taken by Audra Johnson moved away from the scuffle with Darling and over to another protester, Shelly Gregoire, who was being dragged out of the gallery by two male House sergeants (one of them was David Dickson). Johnson, who was simply videotaping the assault, can be heard yelling, “Stop pushing me!” as she continued to videotape her friend, Shelly Gregoire.

MIRS News, who reported that the gallery was closed to the public and only open to the media today, posted a shorter clip of the scuffle from another view. According to Darling, she did have a press pass, but was removed anyhow.

Johnson, who was pushed out of the public gallery, confronted David Dickson, telling him, “I didn’t say two words to you and you pushed me out that door!” Dickson arrogantly replied, “Yes, I did—I did.” Johnson told him, “You had no right to put your hands on me!” Audra Johnson asked.

Johnson reminds everyone that Michigan citizens are hungry are unable to make their house payments, and they’re just trying to find out what their government is doing about it.

When David Dickson appears in the lobby, Audra Johnson confronts him, asking him why he pushed her when she was leaving the gallery? Dickson simply replied, “Because you were in a restricted area.”

Darling appears to be having a panic attack, as she’s seen crying hysterically.



From a stretcher in Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI, Wendy Darling explains how she’s awaiting x-rays on her back, neck, and jaw, saying that she’s not sure if they’re also taking x-rays of her shoulder after she was allegedly assaulted by Capitol Police officers while attempting to watch the MI legislature in the chambers below.

Darling explains (again) that she had press credentials and should never have been dragged out of the gallery.


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