Do Americans even remember the worldwide violence and hate inspired by Hillary’s announcement that the Benghazi attack was a result of an amateur anti-Islam video? She was willing to throw the entire world under the bus to save her political career…

Watch video below, as our American flag is being ripped down and replaced by ISIS flag on our U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Note the ISIS flags being carried by protesters of the anti-Islam movie that Hillary told the world was caused the Benghazi attack.

Who would hire a woman to lead our country when she was willing to watch the world burn and create violent clashes around the world in order to cover up her ineptness as a Secretary of State?

And then there’s the condemnation of America by a Washington DC imam that demand the American Embassy in Cairo needed to be attacked because of the anti-Islam film. Of course, his rhetoric was overlooked because the real issue is of course, Americans who are “islamaphobic”…

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The violent anti US protest that shut down Sydney turning the city streets into a bloody battle field have been condemned by leaders on all levels. Six police officers and 17 others were injured when the demonstrations spiraled into chaos.

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Here is Hillary being exposed as a liar during the Benghazi hearing that the mainstream media claims she walked away from unscathed:

In her most disgraceful act yet, Hillary addresses friends and families of Benghazi victims at their funeral. Watch at the 13:12 mark when Hillary lies about the reason for the murder of these 4 innocent Americans:

Here’s CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin working in concert with shameless Hillary who used her time testifying before Congress to blame Ambassador Christopher Stevens himself for the Benghazi attack:

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