Apparently actor Johnny Depp didn’t learn anything from the not-funny “comedian” Kathy Griffin’s career-ending attempt at “humor” when she made a gruesome video using a decapitated and bloodied head of  President Trump.  

In a year that he would like to forget, which included his acrimonious divorce to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp appeared at a Q&A at the new Cinemageddon stage at Glastonbury.

Introducing his 2004 film The Libertine, about a 17th-century poet who notoriously drank himself to an early death, the 54-year-old chose to discuss American politics.

“I think [Donald] Trump needs help,” he said. “There are a lot of dark places he could go.”

He added: “I’m not insinuating anything – by the way this will be in the press and it will be horrible – but when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”  – Telegraph
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Here’s the video showing Depp’s disgusting remarks about assassinating our President:

Given Depp’s documented history of a violent past and his most recent comments about “an actor” assassinating “a President”; perhaps a visit from the secret service is in order?

The Daily Mail is now reporting that Depp’s managers knew that the Hollywood actor had allegedly assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard, court documents reveal.

The documents allege that Depp‘s staff and security were aware he was ‘extremely volatile’ and had ‘sometimes gotten physical’ with his then-wife.

Johnny Depp’s former wife Amber Heard released shocking photos to the court as evidence of physical abuse by Depp.

His team also claim to have had direct knowledge of an incident where Depp allegedly violently kicked the actress in 2014.

The revelations were included in court documents filed this week by Depp’s former management group TMG.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing TMG for mismanaging his money.

In the recent court documents, Depp’s former management team claim the allegations of abuse at the hands of the actor are accurate, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

The domestic violence allegations first surfaced when Depp and Heard were going through their messy divorce last year.

During the high-profile divorce, Heard released a series of text messages – published by ET – that she had exchanged with Depp’s assistant that referred to the alleged abuse.

At the time, Depp publicly denied that the messages – which mentioned the 2014 kicking encounter – were real.

In the recent court filing, TMG appears to confirm the authenticity of the messages.

‘Depp and his long-time assistant publicly denied the messages and outrageously accused Heard of manufacturing them,’ one filing states.

‘TMG is informed and believes that Depp knew full well that the text messages were genuine, but pressured and berated his assistant to falsely challenge the texts publicly.’

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