The super popular Oprah Winfrey might be in a heap of trouble with some of her audience after her magazine was noted as supporting the “Shout Your Abortion” movement, which some might find to be quite disturbing. It all started when the magazine, which was designed to inspire and empower women, had featured a profile on Amelia Bonow. She’s the woman responsible for the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag on Twitter. She wanted to promote the so-called “benefits” of abortion, whatever those might be, besides Planned Parenthood allegedly harvesting baby organs and turning people into Planned UN-Parenthood.

Emily Zanotti pointed out that this probably isn’t the type of inspiration that Oprah wanted her magazine to publish. Nevertheless, they persisted and here we are with a “Shout Your Abortion” woman being touted as “inspirational” by a magazine made by one of the most wealthy women to ever live. When Oprah’s magazine calls someone “inspirational” and it’s backed by a black zillionaire, then of course people might see it as true – or they might see through the dust when it settles and realize that this was probably a huge mistake to feature someone like this in their publication. The woman is essentially bragging about the abortion she had, which to many in the pro-life sector might find absolutely appalling. Some might question how this is supposed to be “inspirational” or “empowering” when it comes to taking the life of a child.

Perhaps women who have an abortion might feel bad about themselves after it happens. This seems like something normal because there clearly could be some regret and a lot of “what if’s” – but that could be prevented. Giving a child up for adoption and allowing them to have a life is a better option than just ending their life before they even have a chance. Either way, the people who have had an abortion cannot go back on it. Whatever happened already, is done. That’s it. But perhaps they can speak to those who are considering it and remind them of what it’s really like.

This is one of the most gripping conversations and topics we can possibly write about. We have to question Oprah and her magazine on what their motives were for supporting this.

Here’s what Emily covered on the topic. Please read and add your comments to get a good discussion going. Open dialogue is what we need most.

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“The July 2018 issue of Winfrey’s namesake magazine, Oprah, features a glowing profile on Amelia Bonow, the woman who coined the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag, and began a campaign to both promote the “benefits” of Planned Parenthood’s signature medical procedure and implicitly silence women who say they were hurt by their own abortion.

Bonow is hailed as “inspirational,” under an article subhead.

“Inspirational” may, in fact, be one way to describe Bonow, but it’s possible she doesn’t inspire women the way Oprah’s signature magazine believes she should.

“[W]hen I found out that the House of Representatives had voted to defund Planned Parenthood. I kind of unraveled,” Bonow writes in the magazine. “I opened Facebook and, without thinking, wrote, ‘Like a year ago, I had an abortion at Planned Parenthood…and I remember this experience with a nearly inexpressible level of gratitude.’ I hit Post 153 words later, and everything changed.”

Bonow says she had no shame or regret ending her unplanned pregnancy: “On some level, I’d internalized the stigma—though I honestly wasn’t ashamed. Then why hide?” — and that’s fine, but her experience is not representative of every woman who’s gone through Planned Parenthood’s front doors. A recent study in the British Journal of Psychiatry noted that women do suffer a mental impact from abortion, and that recognition of the connection and aftercare treatment is often needed, if seldom provided.

Bonow, of course, chalks the post-abortion mental impact up to “anti-choice rhetoric” which stigmatizes the procedure.

“The anti- choice movement wants it to be terrifying to speak the truth, because we can’t advocate for something we can’t say out loud,” she writes.”

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