The Boston Children’s Hospital recently released a video advertising “gender-affirming hysterectomies” to young girls. Now, another video from the same hospital has been released that encourages parents to identify their toddlers as transgender.

In a video titled “When does a child know they’re transgender,” the Director of Gender Multispeciality Services, Jeremi Carswell, insists that children know that they’re transgender “from the moment that they have any ability to express themselves.”

“We have parents who tell us that their kids – they knew from the minute they were born practically,” says Carswell, who then lists potential signs that your child is transgender.

“Actions like refusing to get a haircut, or standing to urinate – trying to stand to urinate, refusing to stand to urinate, trying on siblings’ clothing, playing with the, quote, “opposite gender” toys, things like that,” Carswell says.

“There is more and more a group of adolescents that we are seeing that really are coming to the realization that they might be trans, or gender diverse, a little bit later on in their life,” she continues. “So, what we’re seeing from them is that they always sorta knew something was maybe off and didn’t have the understanding to know that they might be trans or have a different gender identity than the one that they had been assigned.”

Yet another sick case of medical “professionals” projecting their personal beliefs on children who are not yet capable of making these types of decisions for themselves.

The assertion that toddlers will know they are transgender – let alone what “gender” is – is absolutely ridiculous, essentially giving the parents the opportunity to assign whatever gender they desire to their child.

Attributing behaviors as normal as not wanting a haircut, or playing with toys not “typical” of their biological gender to being trans is an unrealistic conclusion to jump to, and is not fair to the children who will be raised believing that they are transgender, undoubtedly setting them up for a much more confusing childhood.

Parents should allow their children to grow up without subjecting them to this nonsense. Once they are a fully functioning adult, they can decide for themselves how they wish to identify.

To even suggest that an infant can make such a decision is insanity.


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