Last year, at the height of the COVID pandemic, My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell, the Democrat Party’s most hated man in American next to Donald Trump, announced that his company would produce and distribute face masks to help his fellow Americans through the health crisis.

Of course, the dishonest mainstream media ignored Mr. Lindell’s incredible offer to use his manufacturing facility to fill a much-needed void by face mask manufacturers that couldn’t keep up with the overwhelming demand. Instead of praising Mike Lindell, they mocked him for his friendship with President Trump.

When Mike Lindell began fighting to expose what he claims is unequivocal evidence of massive voter fraud in the November election, big box stores like Kroger, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and Costco dropped the My Pillow brand from their stores, causing Mike, according to estimate, to lose $65 million in revenue in 2020.

In a recent interview, Mike Lindell revealed to the far-left The Daily Beast that the mask-making effort cost him and his company a combined total of $7 million.

Instead of praising Mike Lindell for his incredibly generous act, the disgusting publication mocked him with this incredible headline: “The Spectacular Failure of the MyPillow Guy’s Mask Operation”

Since when was losing millions because you stopped production of the products you manufacture, to make masks for Americans that were supposed to save lives, a “spectacular failure?”

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“I can’t give them away,” Lindell told The Daily Beast in a phone interview this week. “I tried to. No one wants the things anymore.”

Lindell, who claims to have retrofitted about 75 percent of MyPillow’s manufacturing line to sew cloth masks, said the machinery and space he’d invested in now sits idle and empty. The CEO estimates he was able to offload about 5 percent of his mask inventory, and that all told, the operation cost his company and him personally a combined $7 million.

“How many of those do we have, that we ought to just burn?” Lindell asked an aide during the interview. The assistant confirmed the number was about two million.

According to Lindell, MyPillow had intended only to donate its masks to frontline workers. In the opening stages, he said, the company produced about 50,000 masks a week, cutting its cotton sheet fabric into face coverings and stitching in sourced elastic. But the plan soon hit roadblocks. For one, the cloth masks didn’t meet Food and Drug Administration standards.

“We were only gonna donate to VA hospitals, nursing homes, but the FDA and [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] made it that you could only use certain masks from certain factories,” Lindell said, referring to regulations that set the bar at N95-grade masks or higher.

And soon, the market for FDA-approved masks grew saturated. Foreign competitors flooded the country with cheaper products and choked out domestic manufacturers. Middlemen swept in to gouge companies and consumers alike. Two major fabric companies who initially pledged to pitch in to the greater cause—Hanes and Fruit of the Loom—dropped their commitments.

Mike Lindell Also Donated Millions Of Masks To Navajo Nation, Nursing Homes, MN Residents, and Police Departments

But MyPillow persevered. Lindell began outsourcing N95 and KN95 masks himself, purchasing them from other distributors with his personal funds and then donating them or selling them at cost. Beneficiaries included municipalities, police departments, nursing homes, overseas ministries, the state of Minnesota, and the Arizona Navajo Nation.

“I flew down to visit the Navajo Indians in Arizona and met with the vice president of the Navajo Nation,” Lindell said. “There were about 268,000 people in the tribe, and they really needed help, you know, and I donated a million masks to them alone.”

Lindell confirmed to Business Insider that he spent millions on the mask operation and had millions left, but said The Daily Beast’s characterization of it as a failure was a “lie” and that it was a charitable endeavor to “help our country.”

He said he only tried selling the masks briefly last year after he was no longer able to give them away. They sold about 4,000 masks, according to Lindell.

Mike Lindell is an American hero!

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