Actor Kevin Sorbo and his wife, actress Sam Sorbo, are an anomaly in Hollywood. Both of them are committed conservatives who are dedicated to raising their children with values and morals, and most importantly, they put their faith first in all aspects of their lives. Kevin and Sam Sorbo are the real deal. If you’re sick and tired of reading about the rampant sexual abuse that appears to be the norm in Hollywood, and watching leftist actors and comedians using severed heads of President Trump to get a laugh, perhaps their new movie “Let Their Be Light”, that opens in theaters tomorrow, is the movie you’ve been waiting for. 

At a time when Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood elites face growing accusations of sexual impropriety, Sean Hannity has emerged as a film producer eager to see more family-friendly films that don’t shy from upholding Judeo-Christian values.
In fact, for Mr. Hannity, the timing couldn’t be better.

“I think the old paradigm of Hollywood is crumbling right in front of our eyes,” Mr. Hannity said during a phone interview with The Washington Times. “We’re on the cutting edge of getting ahead of this because the demand has been there, and [producers] have had no desire to fulfill it.”

That is, except for most independent filmmakers like Mr. Hannity, who agreed to become an executive producer and fund most of the $3 million budget for “Let There Be Light,” a faith-based drama opening in theaters Thursday that stars Kevin Sorbo, known for “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.”

“He’s the best executive producer anybody could ever ask for,” Mr. Sorbo said of Mr. Hannity. “He said, ‘Here’s the money. Go make the movie and show me when you’re done.

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In the film, which Mr. Sorbo also directed, he plays Dr. Sol Harkens, a famous book-writing atheist who, while living for the crowd’s roars of approval while skewering Christians in packed debates, also struggles with loneliness, the death of his young son and the leery attitudes of his two remaining sons, who are being raised by his Christian ex-wife, Katy, who is portrayed by Mr. Sorbo’s own wife, Sam Sorbo.

The executive producer of the “Let Their Be Light” movie, Sean Hannity tweeted about the Sorbo’s movie:

President Trump retweeted Sean Hannity’s tweet about the “Let Their Be Light” movie, and said that Hannity’s movie will be “another Sean success!”

The couple’s two sons also feature in “Let There Be Light.”

Sean Hannity interviewed the very talented Sorbo family recently, and asked them what it was like for their family to work together to make the movie:

After Miss Sorbo first came up with the idea for the film, she approached veteran screenwriter Dan Gordon (“The Hurricane,” “Wyatt Earp”), who agreed to co-write the script with her. A random contact from Mr. Hannity led to his immediately bankrolling the film.

“Sean Hannity, kind of out of the blue, called my husband and said, ‘I want to do a faith-based movie, and I want to work with you,’” Miss Sorbo recalled.

Not long after, Mr. Hannity, who juggles two full-time jobs in radio and TV, found himself in a pitch meeting in New York with the Sorbos and Mr. Gordon. Twenty minutes later, he cut them a check.

Here’s a sneak peek at the movie “Let There Be Light”:

“It’s better than I ever dreamed it could be in terms of the quality, the acting and the cinematic value,” Mr. Hannity said. “I think with all that’s happening out in Hollywood, there might be an opportunity here to make more of these independent films that people will go see, and that’s why I wanted to lend my name to it.”  For entire story: Washington Times

 Sam Sorbo is an awesome actress, a loving wife, an amazing mom who homeschools her children and we’re proud to call her our friend. If you’d like to know more about homeschooling your kids, Sam has written one of the best books on the market on the subject of how to be a successful homeschooling mom or dad. The book is available for purchase at this Christian bookstore link or at Amazon here.



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