As the United States surpasses 800,000 deaths from the Wuhan Coronavirus, Joe Biden laughed at the harrowing death toll during a press conference this morning.

“President Biden, on the 800,000 coronavirus deaths, do you have a statement on your responsibility? And why haven’t you asked China to do more to be transparent on the origins?” a reporter asked.

Biden laughed and waved the reporter off before walking away.  WATCH:

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The number of coronavirus deaths this year is set to surpass the number of deaths in 2020, with 386,000 deaths being reported this year with two weeks left to go and 385,000 reported in 2020.  President Trump developed three different vaccines using Operation Warp Speed and a number of treatments and therapeutics.

The lab leak theory, a theory that Covid-19 was developed in a lab in Wuhan, China and was accidentally or maliciously released from the lab, has begun to gain more traction as time goes on.  The Business Standard Reports

“A Canadian molecular biologist on Wednesday told cross-party members of Parliament (MPs) on the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee that a leak from a laboratory in Wuhan region of China is now the more likely origin of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Dr Alina Chan, specialising in gene therapy and cell engineering and co-author of Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19′, told the Parliament panel’s evidence session on scientific research that the pandemic was being caused by the unique feature of the coronavirus called furin cleavage site, which has been linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

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