Maybelline is receiving major backlash after the makeup brand hired a bearded man to showcase its new makeup line.

New videos on Instagram show Ryan Vita showcasing Maybelline’s lipstick in a new Amazon Prime Day ad.

In the video, Vita who is clearly a male is seen putting Maybelline’s new “Super Stay” liquid lipstick on and blowing kisses to the camera.

At the time of the writing, the new ad has been viewed over 1.2 million times but the comments under the video clearly show consumers clear disdain towards Maybelline’s decision to cast a man with a beard to promote its new lipstick line.

Take a look:

Here’s what Breitbart reported:

Social media users unleashed their fury when Maybelline posted a video Wednesday of a man using the makeup company’s lipstick.


“Of course we have @amazon prime day deals @ryanvitabeauty!!! Click on the link in our bio to shop our bundles while this offer lasts! Hurry prime day ends tonight!!!!! #maybellinepartner,” the company said in the video’s caption.

Ryan Vita’s makeup review featured the man, whose beard appeared to have a bejeweled hair barrette in it, putting on the lipstick and telling viewers to “check out this color and shine!”

However, social media users were quick to criticize the makeup company for the advertisement, one person writing, “Wtf did I just watch? This really isn’t helping to promote your products!”

“What the hell are you!!! Differently not normal!! Shame on these makeup brands that support this nonsense!” another user replied.

“Why are you using MEN TO ADVERTISE THIS? I can’t picture myself wearing any of your lipsticks when all I can see is a whole ass beard and mustache!!! Enough already!” yet another person commented.


Per The New York Post:

Maybelline is under fire again for hiring a bearded makeup artist to star in its latest ad — just weeks after the brand fielded calls for boycotts over tapping Dylan Mulvaney to promote its concealer.

Maybelline — the world’s largest cosmetics brand — posted an Amazon Prime Day advert, and it stars mustachioed, bearded and bald influencer Ryan Vita.

In the ad, Vita sports a full face of makeup and a beaded barette in his beard while applying bright pink shades of Maybellie’s “Super Stay” liquid lipstick.

He then blows a kiss, showing that no gloss has tranferred onto his hand.

In less than 24 hours since Maybelline shared the ad with its nearly 12 million Instagram followers, the video was viewed more than 1.2 million times.

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