Teen Vogue should come with a WARNING label…”This is NOT a version of the fashion magazine your mother used to read.”

Last year, we reported about Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex: Saftey, How To’s and More and today, we bring you an article that tells young girls that “abortion is normal” and not to worry, because with 59% of women abortion their offspring, there’s a good chance your mother killed one of your siblings too!

Danielle Campoamor of Teen Vogue writes:

The attacks on abortion access are scary, but just as people didn’t start having abortions when Roe became precedent, people will not stop having abortions no matter what happens to Roe. Abortion is part of how we plan our families, it allows us to shape our lives, and for 59 percent of people who have abortions, it helps us care for the children we already have. Abortion is a common experience that family members share — a fact I realized when I told my mom that I was pregnant and wanted to have an abortion, only for her to tell me about the abortion she had before giving birth to me.

I wouldn’t exist if my mom didn’t have access to abortion care when she needed it, and my two sons, ages five and one, wouldn’t exist if I was denied the abortion I had when I wasn’t ready, willing, or able to become a mom. Roe v. Wade doesn’t just protect abortion access; it makes it possible for us to shape our families throughout generations.

As children, we share countless stories with our parents, from magical ones born from our young imaginations to stories of painful breakups, horrible bosses, and fantastic first dates when we’re adults. We also share stories of our abortions. Like me, the following people shared their abortion story and had it met by another. Abortion is normal, and for many of us, abortion is just one of the many things we have in common with our parents.

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Campoamor writes about 5 young women who, when they consult with their mother’s about their abortions are pleasantly surprised that their mother’s also made the decision to kill one or more of their siblings.

Here are just a few excerpts from their stories:

My dad is a doctor and my mom is a very sexually liberal woman.  

Had I known that so many folks in my family — on both sides of my family — have had abortions, I feel like I would have been able to go to them when I needed one.

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Here’s one of our personal favorites <sarcasm>:

Sharing my abortion story with family members, and having them share theirs back, has made me realize how much abortion has shaped our family, and they made it so that certain people are here because of abortion. Abortion is part of the ways our families are formed, as is adoption, as is birth.

This young woman recalls how her mother took her with her to have an abortion when she was a young girl:

I found out my mom had an abortion because she brought me to an OB-GYN visit when I was a kid, because no one else could watch me. They asked if she had prior pregnancy and she said yes, and I figured it out. So I kind of always knew that she had one.

This has to be the most heartbreaking testimony. A mom explains how she explains what abortion is to her 5-year-old daughter, and that sometimes you take the life of a sibling on purpose.

Now I have a five-year-old daughter, and we have talked about what abortion is. I haven’t told her yet that I’ve had one and, honestly, she’s not all that interested. I don’t think she quite understands it, but I was pregnant with her little sister when she was four, so she had pretty detailed books about what was going on. We have talked about people losing pregnancies, and that sometimes you do it on purpose and you go to a doctor for that.

In 2015, we wrote an article about a pro-abortion book for kids. The article is so disturbing, we wish we could say it wasn’t true. Here is a portion of the article titled: PRO-ABORTION BOOK FOR CHILDREN: My “Sister Is a Happy Ghost!”

Leftist indoctrination for toddlers…How I wish this wasn’t a true story…

A three-year-old named Lee defends the abortion of his sister in a new children’s book – by an author with her own “ghost sister.” “Sister Apple, Sister Pig” by Mary Walling Blackburn focuses on an adult topic: abortion. The story follows Lee as he (or “she,” as the author stressed) searches for his sister – who might be an apple, a pig, or somewhere in a tree. Lee later decides “Sister is a happy ghost!” and explicitly says he’s glad Sister isn’t around to inconvenience his parents.

The free e-book is available on art publishing platform e-flux, The Blaze reported. The author, Walling Blackburn, is an assistant professor of art at Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts and founder of The Anhoek School.

“Lee is Papa and Mama’s only child for now, although there once was a sister,” the book began. “Where does Sister live now?”

At one point, Lee explained to his Papa, “Well, she used to live in Mama and doesn’t anymore.” After Papa agreed, Lee reiterated, “She lived before me, but Mama couldn’t keep her. Mama says she is a ghost.”



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