A new Dutch TV show has recently aired in which adults stand in front of children and strip naked, giving them the chance to “ask questions” about their naked bodies.

The Dutch show, Simply Naked, is allegedly meant to promote “body positivity.” However, they take body positivity to a completely inappropriate level, stripping completely naked in front of children that are 10-12 years old and showing their genitalia.

The kids then have to ask them questions about their bodies.

The host Edson da Graça said, “The aim is to teach children that each and every body is different and that not all bodies are perfect.”

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Apparently, there is not a more appropriate way to teach body positivity that doesn’t promote pedophilia or have adults expose themselves to children.

The producers also defended the sick show, which debuted on March 21, saying, “The children knew exactly what was going to happen, and they could say how they felt during the program at any time. We had expected a bit of a ruckus. Not everyone will think this is for children, and that’s ok. It’s up to the parents to decide if their children can watch.”

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One clip of the show shows transgender adults stripping down in front of kids. The host excitedly announced, “Today our guests are transgenders. So it’s not just male and female. There’s an entire spectrum of genders besides male and female.”

One of the trans adults explains that they “still have a vulva” even though you can see something in their underwear that would suggest having male genitalia.

“I don’t feel comfortable with that body part, therefore I am wearing my underwear with a packer,” he explains.

A trans woman explains what vaginoplasty is, while another shows off her double mastectomy to the children, explaining how the experience of having her breasts chopped off was “euphoric.”

After explaining to the children that she felt “like flying” after having her breasts removed, a young girl said, “I want that too.”

Another young girl told the cameras that at first, she was confused, but later realized that “it’s actually pretty normal.”

Unfortunately, these kids are being brainwashed into thinking something this perverted is “normal.”

Another equally disturbing show has launched in the UK called ‘Naked Education,’ where adults who feel self-conscious about their bodies strip naked in front of teenagers for some type of sick validation disguised as teaching “body positivity.”

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