If this monster prescribes mammograms and performs “health care” for women will all be forgiven? 

Police have found what appears to be more than a dozen containers of aborted fetus parts inside the trunk of a gynecologist’s car.

Dr Michael Roth was stopped by police in Michigan after an alleged collision with a disabled man when they made the gruesome discovery.

Officers, who also found a strong anesthetic in the back of Roth’s vehicle, raided his home and medical practice on Tuesday amid claims he is suspected of carrying out illegal abortions.

Roth, who is yet to be charged with an offence, was stopped by police two weeks ago after allegedly hitting a 32-year-old disabled man in the town of Novi, not far from his practice.

The doctor’s car was impounded after officers found what appeared to be fetal tissue and the painkiller fentanyl inside 13 small bottles and another larger one.

The state attorney general’s office suspects Roth of carrying out illegal abortions, Fox2 reported.

West Bloomfield Deputy Chief Curt Lawson said: ‘We do have an opinion from the medical examiner’s office that this is remnants of conception, but there was nothing that was seen within the containers that were recognizable.’

He told the Detroit Free Press that the police, state attorney general’s office and Drug Enforcement Agency are investigating.
The police chief said officers only found what appears to be the remains of fetuses and fentanyl after Roth asked for a garage door opener to be retrieved from his impounded car.

‘At that point, that led us to obtain a search warrant to further search. That’s when the bottles and evidence were found in the trunk area of the vehicle,’ Lawson said.

Police then raided his home and doctors practice, which are both in Novi, on Tuesday.

Roth refused to comment when leaving a police station Tuesday, other than to tell reporters to ‘just go away’.

Roth’s practice’s website previously said it carried out abortions but had been taken down last night.

The doctor, who is believed to have been working in Michigan for decades, is reported to already have a tainted medical history, as well as problems in his personal life.

Legal documents seen by the Daily Mail Online reveal that while he and his wife were divorcing, she lived in a locked basement in the home they shared because she was scared of him.

She obtained a temporary protection order from a court for six months and asked for it to be extended up until their divorce to stop him ‘from assaulting, attacking, molesting, wounding, following, confronting and otherwise injuring’ her.

The doctor was found negligent and incompetent in 2004. He was fined and put on probation, with one of the conditions of his probation stipulating that he must not perform abortions outside of a clinical setting, Fox News reported.

Roth is also claimed to have at least six malpractice complaints against his name between 1988 and 2015. Some are reported to claim that botched home abortions carried out by the gynecologist led to complications.

He was also reportedly fined $15,000 and placed on probation for six months in 2002 after a state health inspector found Roth’s drug license had expired 20 years previously. He was again banned from performing home abortions. Via: Daily Mail


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