Silver Spoons child actor Ricky Schroeder spoke out on social media, sharing a horrific Hollywood memory that connects to his theory on why Americans do not see accountability or justice. Schroeder believes American leadership in government, industry, and Hollywood is tied to a global Satanic cult.

Ricky Schroeder

Schroeder pointed to the unprecedented corruption, visible in all spheres of leadership, from government, to Hollywood, and to corporations.

“We are seeing a lot of investigations into corruption, but we are seeing no one held accountable.”

He went on to say he has a theory on why evil is being allowed to continue without consequences, “I believe that they are blackmailed. The people that would hold them accountable are blackmailed themselves. So the investigators that are investigating are blackmailed at the top.”

He continued, sharing a story from his childhood, “Let me explain when I was young, I couldn’t drive yet. I was hanging out with the older guys…Somebody popped a cassette tape into a VHS player. And there was a room with a body. I believe it was a male lying on a table.
Schroeder went on to describe what appears to be a satanic death ritual,
“and people came around the room…it was dimly lit, but they had hoods and robes on. They had some sort of ritual where they took out a knife and cut [the body] down the side. It was his right side. They took out parts of him, and blood started flowing, and they were chanting.”
Schroeder said the ritual then turned sexual,
“There were women there, and they took off their clothes, and then they took the blood, and they smeared it on their bodies and started to be sexual with each other. It was quite disturbing to see.”
The young actor said the older man gave him the cassette, and he brought it to someone he trusted, and they watched it together. He said the trusted person told him never to watch the video again and to give it back to the person who had passed it to him. He said he followed the instructions but was always confused that they did not ask where it came from.
“If we have no accountability or justice, it could be because the people that are supposed to bring us justice and protect and defend the Constitution are corrupted by this cult. Which I believe exists globally but especially has its roots in Hollywood and in the environmental cult and in industry and politics.”

Schroeder ended saying he has no fear of the cultic groups which he said may be the illuminati, noting that if you type the word “illuminati” backwards into a google search pulls up the National Security Agency (NSA) website

For Schroeder, who said he only fears God, there is a solution. He called for mid-level law enforcement to begin investigating, “I share this with the hope that those mid-level people that are investigating at the FBI and the CIA will understand that their superiors … will never give us justice because of the level of blackmail involved,” he concluded.

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