Every American needs to consider this new evidence about Hillary and how her campaign is helping to hide her poor health from voters unless of course, the only reason you’re planning to vote for Hillary is because you like her VP candidate, Tim Kaine…

Why does Hillary reject a bottle of water for a glass of water during her coughing fit in front of press on her new campaign plane? Why does Hillary have a stool and GLASS OF WATER next to her at all times during public appearances? Why does Hillary tell press she’s suffering from allergies when allergens aren’t even high in the specific region where she’s speaking? Why is Hillary resting while Donald Trump is out running circles around her on the campaign trail? Why does the media cover for her lies…and MOST IMPORTANTLY, why is anyone supporting this woman who is clearly not well enough to even campaign for the highest office in our nation???

During the Republican National Convention last June, two Secret Service agents approached InfoWars and asked to speak to them about Hillary’s health. “The Secret Service contacted me. They said that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. They [Hillary’s people] spent over a quarter million dollars on these stairs…to allow her to step down from the vehicle to the ground because she has trouble walking. They [Secret Service] said that any kind of flashes or strobes will set her off into a seizure, and that’s why they wanted to come us.

They wanted to contact us and give us information because they knew we [InforWars] would be able to get this out. [Unlike the MSM,] we wouldn’t be scared to do it. And you know it really makes a lot of sense when you watch all these videos. The fact that she’s refusing to do…these news conferences.”

Hillary had not done a press conference for 8½ months. Her last press conference was on December 4, 2015.

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As a neurological disorder, Parkinson’s disease (PD) has been shown to affect motor skills in the limbs, inhibit muscle coordination, and sometimes contribute to dysphagia.1
Dysphagia is the medical term for difficulty swallowing. Thickened liquids are often used in the management of dysphagia to improve bolus control and to help prevent aspiration. A range of starches and gums has historically been used to thicken liquids. Although thickened liquids improve swallow safety, they appear to have a great potential for unintended physiological consequences.

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Like this “unintended physiological consequence” maybe?  


Why does Hillary always have a stool and GLASS OF WATER at every public appearance? Don’t most people in this day and age drink from a bottle of water?

hillary stoolAgain…the stool and the GLASS OF WATER
stool water Hillary

And again…

Hillary cough stool water

On Feb. 4, WND reported Hillary Clinton has been prescribed Armour Thyroid, a natural medication made from desiccated pig thyroid glands, for her hypothyroid condition and Coumadin – a brand name of warfarin, which initially was developed as a well-known rat poison – for her congenital tendency to form blood clots.

WND also reported the medication Clinton has taken since 1998 to deal with her blood-clotting problems may have side effects that are hazardous to her health, including blurred vision and confusion, both of which she has experienced. And a California physician warned Coumadin could be more life-threatening to her than the possibility of a recurring blood clot.

Bill Clinton, during a question and answer session at the Peterson Foundation in Washington, on May 14, 2014, told the audience that the concussion Hillary suffered “required six months of very serious work to get over.”

On Nov. 16, 2015, in an exchange between Hillary Clinton’s aides Huma Abedin and Monica Hanley dated Jan. 26, 2013, regarding Clinton’s schedule, the aides said it was “very important” to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former secretary of state was “often confused.”

Clinton’s five-minute bathroom break at the third Democratic debate in Goffstown, New Hampshire, on Dec. 19, 2015, initially attributed to the distance of the woman’s bathroom from the stage, was reported to have caused a “flare up of problems from brain injury” that required Clinton to sit in a chair off-stage to recover from fatigue, dizziness and disorientation.

WND just last week reported that at least 10 prominent physicians have been questioning Hillary Clinton’s health.

Based on publicly available information, the following physicians have raised concerns:

• Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said images of Clinton being helped up stairs and propped up, and videos showing odd, seizure-like head movements require an explanation to voters, she contends. The author of “Emerging Diseases: Protecting Your Family from Pandemics, Viral Threats, and Rogue Vaccines” noted the “vituperation and anger” that she’s faced for raising questions. “I’m not making a diagnosis,” she told WND on Monday. But “I can look at the video. You can look.”She said for a medical professional to simply ignore the evidence would be “completely reckless.” Meeting someone with these symptoms personally would require a “How are you?” she said. “These are not ridiculous questions.”

• Dr. Lee Hieb, author of “Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare,” agreed. “They made a huge deal about [Sen. John] McCain because of his melanoma,” she told WND. “Melanoma doesn’t give you dementia!” She said the images and videos are evidence that should be reviewed and explained to voters, contending Clinton is “not being forthcoming.””If she doesn’t want the American people informed … we know where she stands.”Citing Clinton’s previous concussion, Hieb said such injuries can cause long-term side effects, seizures, personality changes and cognitive deficits.

• The Fox News medical “A-Team” of Dr. Marc Siegel and Dr. David Samadi had questions. “In 2008 … I looked over a thousand pages of John McCain’s records because of a melanoma he had 10 years ago. What about Hillary? In 2009, a severe fall. She breaks her elbow. In 2011, she boards a plane, falls. In 2012, she has a severe concussion which Bill Clinton says took her six months to recover from,” Siegel said. He continued: “Then she ends up with a blood clot in the brain and a lifetime of blood thinners. Just that point alone – if she’s prone to falling, you can see from that picture up there that it looked like she can barely get upstairs without two people carrying her. Guess what if she falls and hits her head? She’ll get a blood clot.”

• Dr. Drew Pinsky’s television show on the HLN cable network, “Dr. Drew on Call,” was canceled after he raised questions about Clinton’s health in an interview on KABC-AM in Los Angeles.

“Alt-Right fanatics and conspiracy theorists” immediately questioned her health – is she ok? And concerns over Hillary’s “worst coughing fit ever” was raised by MSNBC.

But as Paul Josepth Watson reports, MSNBC regurgitated claims by Hillary’s campaign aides that, “Allergens were high in Northeast Ohio on Monday,” before asserting that there is “no evidence to indicate she is unwell.”

The problem for that propadandist line is – It was a complete fabrication.

As numerous websites that track daily allergen levels confirmed, grass pollen was low, tree pollen was low and ragweed pollen was moderate.

today allergy report OH



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