Joy Villa, the singer who became an overnight sensation when she bravely wore a “Make America Great Again” pro-Trump dress to the Grammy’s designed by Andre Soriano, a proud Trump supporter and gay legal immigrant from the Philippines, was the headline speaker at a “March 4 Trump” rally in Wisconsin. Villa thanked the crowd for supporting her after she shocked the nation in by bravely showing her support for Trump in a place where her views are not only shunned, but can be the kiss of death for an entertainer. Villa then went on to make a powerful speech to the pro-Trump attendees about love and unity and finally ended on a high note by asking everyone to join her in singing, “God Bless America.”

Here’s a short excerpt from her powerful speech:

“Every one of your voices are not being heard. We are no longer the silent minority. We’re not gonna be silent anymore. We are not gonna be bullied. We are not gonna be spit on. We’re not gonna be told we can’t support our president, because he is no longer campaigning. He is elected. We are a peaceful protest. We’re not being rude. We’re not hating people. W’ere not hurting anyone. We’re just joining together….being beautiful…and being unified. And that’s what this country is about. We are unified. Immigrants of all different nations that come here LEGALLY, because they respect our system, they respect our president. Yes, we love immigrants. The country was built on immigration…LEGAL immigration. AMEN! And ya know, God puts America first, because we put God first. We’ve always put God first and that’s why America is so strong.”


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